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Summer cold

sunny 27 °C

It is BOILING outside! 27 degrees at the minute.

Not a cloud in the sky so trees and buildings are the only thing offering any shade.

I keep seeing little huddles of Chinese people clustered beneath them to protect themselves from the sun. I even saw an older lady with a coat on her head like a cloak just sat on a bench eating a sandwich!

I went for a walk today to try and get rid of the cold I apparently have now! Luckily I brought plenty of paracetamol so hopefully it will go away soon - sunshine and a cold do not mix!

My hotel room doesn't have a window so when I woke up at half 10 this morning (3.30 am UK time!) I was confused to say the least!

I have however located the subway that will take me into central Beijing after wandering around for nearly an hour and stopping in a different hotel to ask for directions.

This would normally have been fine, accept there was only one person who could speak a little English, in the same respect that I can speak a little Spanish, so after 20 minutes, 2 maps and 6 colleagues, we just about figured out what I wanted, where we were, and where I needed to go.

These were the instructions written down for me:


I had to add them to my own map as I have apparently chosen a hotel in the arse end of nowhere and my subway station isn't on the map of Beijing that I have!


All in a days work!

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