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Yosemite National Park and San Francisco

overcast 25 °C

I left LA around midday and got to the Yosemite Rustic Bug Resort around 5:30/6pm.
It was exactly what I was looking for:
quaint wooden cabins adorned the hillside, trees as far as the eye could see and nothing but the sounds of nature surrounded me
- perfection!

Just before I drove up to the reception area, a hobbling woman stopped me and asked for a lift as she'd hurt herself hiking and had already walked so far on a busted knee.
Naturally, I picked her up because I'm a decent human being and drove her to reception.

After I'd checked in, I went to the dorm room cabin and discovered my injured passenger was also my roommate which was nice.
She was German and there were 2 other German girls who were travelling together and we became a little unit for a night and a day!
We had some dinner together and chatted about the different hikes to do in Yosemite.

Now as many of you who know me or have read my Thailand blog will know, I am not a hiker and in fact any up-hill motion makes my physical inadequacies all the more ubiquitous.
So, I asked my new German friends about the easiest hikes and where I could drive to...

The next day, I drove to Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park and on the way I saw a bear.
A bear!!
I've never felt so incredibly in awe as I did at that moment.
I saw the bear trundling along the edge of a mountain slope so I quickly pulled in off the road, got my iPad and got out of the car.
I was taking some picture of this beautiful creature, when it stopped walking and looked straight at me.

90_IMG_0580.jpg 90_IMG_0581.jpg
90_IMG_0582.jpg 90_IMG_0579.jpg

We both just stood there for a while, staring at one another, like there was nothing and no one else in the world at that moment in time but the two of us.
It was almost like for those few seconds, we were one and the same, until a noise away from us both startled the bear and it ran into a nearby hedge.
Not knowing entirely where the bear had gone, nor how tasty a treat I would be, I hurried back into the car and continued driving through the park.
My day was pretty much tops after that!

I arrived at Glacier Point and took some photos of the incredible views and noticed all the families and couples setting off on the various trails available from there. I walked around for a little, but I knew I wouldn't be able to do any of the hikes from there so got back in my car and began to drive down to the village. I stopped on the side of the road by a barren looking mountain top that looked higher than Glacier Point, got my camera and climbed up to the top to A) see the views and B) see if I could see any mountain lions...!

DSC_0275.jpg 0C42D621FA4EA9342F1D567CFC56913A.jpg
90_IMG_0587.jpg 90_IMG_0588.jpg 90_IMG_0589.jpg 180_IMG_0590.jpg

I got some supplies from the village store when I'd parked the car and mentally prepared myself for the exercise ahead!
A comfortable bag, a souvenir and some water, then I headed out to what was left of Mirror Lake.
The hike had a little elevation but it was totally doable, and overall, really quite pleasant.

The Mirror Lake, at that time of year, was nothing more than a glorified pond surrounded by sand and gravel, like a misplaced beach.
It was however, very pretty there and the mountains carved mercilessly into the skyline with such precision, it was truly breath-taking.

270_0B462B9CF69BF0B58F9D2656BA6221A0.jpg 0B4E3E52DC7AA923342590FC28D6B2D8.jpg
270_DSC_0279.jpg DSC_0282.jpg
0B573FE2DD74578BC204135AFB804647.jpg 0B5D7F31D4E4C11AA9374C9C68935A4A.jpg
DSC_0285.jpg DSC_0292.jpg

I walked back through the forest a bit more in order to enjoy nature without other people getting in my way!
It was incredibly peaceful hearing nothing but the sounds of birds singing, the flow of water from the rivers and trees bending in the gentle breeze as I looked at the beautiful surroundings and looking out for mountain lions... of which I saw none!

DSC_0293.jpg DSC_0294.jpg
DSC_0295.jpg 270_DSC_0296.jpg
DSC_0297.jpg 270_DSC_0298.jpg
270_DSC_0302.jpg 270_0B8F8AECDC4D8B8897F4DFB24AFD7CE7.jpg
270_0B91BFC70F89AA2484BE208F40D99E8B.jpg 0B93DB320CDF51988FC9EA560F2AB4EC.jpg

After a total of 8-10 miles as I had gone full Red Riding Hood and had ignored the path all together, I eventually found my way back to the car and drove back to the hostel resort for some dinner and some much needed spa time!
After a hot tub and sauna session and a cheeky hour long deep tissue massage, I felt like I'd had a super productive day!
The next morning, I had some breakfast and began my shortest drive to my final destination; San Francisco.

Now I have to say, I either did it wrong, or San Francisco really isn't all it's cracked up to be...

I went to see the Golden Gate Bridge, which took forever on various busses and by the time I eventually got there the fog had begun rolling in which both ruined and momentarily enhanced my pictures. I was not dressed appropriately for the cold that the fog brought in so was frozen to the bone, tired and a damp and had to make the long journey back to the more central part of the city.

0AD9C9FA91CAACAFEADFC473C93E8D9B.jpg 0ADF9A22B862946CEDF0C95832F40D4F.jpg

I went to Alcatraz Prison, and again, was not all that impressed.

IMG_6651.jpg 270_DSC_0322.jpg
DSC_0321.jpg DSC_0320.jpg
DSC_0319.jpg 0C932DC4D205EA06DDB5E93CE504A5A5.jpg
DSC_0318.jpg 270_DSC_0317.jpg
270_0C6B54709CC752512DBB585A3B7E2003.jpg 0C5FBDDDED8C026C6A07F810C9A387B5.jpg
DSC_0314.jpg 90_IMG_0664.jpg
90_IMG_0663.jpg 90_IMG_0662.jpg
90_IMG_0661.jpg 180_IMG_0660.jpg 90_IMG_0659.jpg 90_IMG_0658.jpg 90_IMG_0657.jpg 90_IMG_0656.jpg 90_IMG_0655.jpg 180_IMG_0654.jpg 90_IMG_0652.jpg 90_IMG_0651.jpg 90_IMG_0650.jpg 90_IMG_0649.jpg 90_IMG_0648.jpg 90_IMG_0647.jpg 90_IMG_0646.jpg 90_IMG_0645.jpg 90_IMG_0644.jpg 90_IMG_0643.jpg 90_IMG_0642.jpg 180_IMG_0641.jpg 90_IMG_0640.jpg 180_IMG_0639.jpg 180_IMG_0638.jpg 180_IMG_0635.jpg

The views from Alcatraz Island of the bay were quite good but it all just seemed somewhat anti-climactic and a little over-hyped.
I didn't even get through the audio tour without being bored senseless, admitting defeat and bailing out of there.
My most enjoyable experiences in San Francisco was probably standing on the side of the cable car as it went downhill toward the marina but even that wasn't mind-blowing.
I went to China town, but having been living in China for over 2 and half years now, it was actually a little sad seeing how Chinese culture had been bastardised for Western means.
I did enjoy walking around the bay and I even met Elmo, but apart from that, I wasn't all that taken in by San Francisco and my heart definitely came home with me...

IMG_6652.jpg IMG_6649.jpg
180_IMG_0618.jpg 90_IMG_0619.jpg
90_IMG_0620.jpg 90_IMG_0622.jpg
180_IMG_0626.jpg DSC_0312.jpg
DSC_0313.jpg 180_IMG_0635.jpg
180_IMG_0634.jpg 180_IMG_0633.jpg
90_IMG_0632.jpg 90_IMG_0631.jpg
90_IMG_0630.jpg 180_IMG_0629.jpg
180_IMG_0628.jpg 90_IMG_0627.jpg
180_0CBFE464AFCDB4DE70B64548478057E8.jpg 90_0CBC87A4C8DEF58B4F0EF1958537B8F4.jpg
90_IMG_0676.jpg 90_IMG_0675.jpg
90_IMG_0672.jpg 90_IMG_0671.jpg
90_IMG_0670.jpg 180_IMG_0669.jpg
90_IMG_0668.jpg 180_IMG_0667.jpg
180_IMG_0666.jpg 180_IMG_0665.jpg
90_IMG_0621.jpg 90_0CB15FFD9CE4475FE8717E0579601E62.jpg
90_0CAF1C05D05B523785651DF5DE4D70AF.jpg 180_0CAABEAC9149C330C3C6E5C4168F82F0.jpg

I had more fun in Oakland (which is where I was staying courtesy of my wonderful AirBnB host Cassandra!) and could have happily just stayed in Oakland, ignoring SF all together, but that's the annoyance of hindsight, you never get it in advance!
I think my most interesting experience was waking up to an earthquake, not really knowing it was an earthquake at first, acknowledging it was an earthquake, assessing the severity to not be that high and then going back to sleep!
Ahh California!

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