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Japan - Hiroshima and Okinawa

sunny 28 °C

We arrived in Hiroshima (HiROshima!) at around 7am and following their instructions, made our way to our hostel.
K’s House has many hostels throughout Japan and just like Kyoto, we thought the Hiroshima branch was just as good. Comfy beds with great storage space, kitchen, common area and laundry room, plus it’s only a 5 minute walk from the train station.

We decided to go straight out to the Atomic Bomb Dime and Peace Memorial Park with our sightseeing bus passes I ordered with our overnight bus tickets.
We walked around the whole park admiring how well and how beautifully the people of Hiroshima had preserved the past destruction of the town whilst creating a beautiful community area. Of course, the physical damage, aside from the A Bomb Dome, has been gone for many decades now, but there is something about the whole place that still stings of an attack long passed.

CB1F1F1CA549CF149067F84537D17C0E.jpg CB21F135B8CD3427A9A470A5E2F08808.jpg
CB247DA10F69A190278C8DF996B6F808.jpg CB276AB8C451598D665256821263BA08.jpg
CB2971AF04BB79C0033E3642A6E6346E.jpg 270_CB2B4E9AF2BFC78A15FABCB21D0F03F7.jpg
CB2DCF0502DDF4DE0C7086A8CDE2C68C.jpg CB305E9EBBC5AED370B77FB27BB90B20.jpg
CB333206BAD55E243A9F4B2C19A2E7A0.jpg 270_CB3502A19DEAD8E9A2E7AC013ECF47E5.jpg
DSC_0542.jpg 270_CB4387A6C13A0D0A0892C9279059327B.jpg
DSC_0544.jpg 270_CB46229DD7E0B06916F4B7323F25E845.jpg
CB4797ABA643131F99944D9E46A8D523.jpg 270_CB4927A6BF4B60B364F9B2CCF41D5467.jpg
CB4AAB289F1A140593B8F355D18F7396.jpg CB4DB280F63561F14A513EBE27B10D8B.jpg
270_DSC_0552.jpg DSC_0554.jpg
CB54F2B3EB053A31698F72E09DF83CEA.jpg CB616AD4049AD9860A09E0291BD8C830.jpg
CB62EB97B719FF99339A6FD9305DC807.jpg DSC_0559.jpg
270_DSC_0561.jpg 270_DSC_0562.jpg
CB681944C17C4B9EB2F925611EA8D375.jpg CB703524A7ABCE8D1FA38BF8C2581054.jpg
CB72033EEE3BDD7D7EFB699DE01324C5.jpg 270_CB745133E051949AC62A03EA58B3D379.jpg
CB765ED506DEB948DE7C72783849F5AD.jpg 270_CB77D367F17EFE1AB50CF0D136CC5295.jpg
CB79EE45BD7F069F095328CE03DC0473.jpg CB7BDFF4A0479B7053882082788789D3.jpg
270_CB7D98799ADE673E35174C30030093EE.jpg DSC_0574.jpg

We went back to the hostel for a nap I so desperately needed before getting dressed and heading out to the restaurants and bars area for dinner.
We went to Kanak Indian Restaurant for a delicious meal that Ricky was salivating at the very thought of before going to Mambas, a Latin Salsa Bar.
We watched Japanese Salsa dancers for as long as we could before going downstairs to Barcos or some foo music and incredibly entertaining Japanese youths!


We checked out the following morning, but left our luggage at the hostel and got the JR Local Train to Miyajima and then a ferry to the island where a whole horde of deer were freely roaming around, trying to eat people’s jackets!

20150221_133612.jpg 20150221_134908.jpg
20150221_134916.jpg 20150221_163358.jpg
1424489742300__1_.jpg 1424493335328_.jpg
1424493691427.jpg 1424499784911_.jpg
1424499797475_.jpg DSC_0577.jpg
CB8B0A77BDE1134B1960493B47ABA5EE.jpg CB8D82EDF7E686DF9855100FD6AF3487.jpg
DSC_0579.jpg CB8FFE4EF2AD6834C8E6D0FD32F2F7E2.jpg
CB91E4CE00B67B30E5D02962E8EDF467.jpg 270_DSC_0582.jpg
270_CB94AEE0FA823FE0DA8522FBE4E87C41.jpg DSC_0584.jpg
CB984030A72C23A62E7B8182249B8803.jpg 270_DSC_0586.jpg
CBA707C7925964ADF10360F09D8EDC14.jpg DSC_0592.jpg
CBAA0918CDD4BE56FCAB32D1C8BF2C5A.jpg 270_CBAC3A45EF5F5913DF8A29913679E0F7.jpg
CBAD7D35F93973EB6B1AB58188873737.jpg CBAEDA15A7193E182B658E1628E90566.jpg
CBB04E03FA6E97F62DF3F04C3EBB7C7C.jpg CBB2A02BC0C5387CE6B9AD1EEE5811E9.jpg
270_CBB475000ACA35D37E06CC26DF7AD58E.jpg DSC_0601.jpg
CBB78397F5D969FBB9E4529BD5B02848.jpg 270_CBB9B142A73D37A9929F3D8479300529.jpg
CBC5B6ADF3735A6B17AC1D0DFF070581.jpg DSC_0605.jpg
270_CBCA49469BE9F1B1E27DAB83CC5C303A.jpg CBCC6233DC04402959D9025F30514204.jpg
270_CBCE1715F72F208D5497E37A6F50F39F.jpg DSC_0609.jpg
270_CBD4BC33C19EE1A021642F7577B1724F.jpg 270_DSC_0611.jpg
270_CBD95780D24CCAF5BBDCF3C77EE8331A.jpg CBDBCB43DF53D7A20B9AACC6BF446BAD.jpg
CBDD9BA5E30675FC3887FA851C86BF7A.jpg 270_CBDFEFF9C5BA0CA4763C0D9454E06D22.jpg

After walking around the island, enjoying the sights, we took the ropeway to the top of the mountain where I only wished the sky had been clear, but even so, the views were truly spectacular.

CBE9E8FBC848BBB151B963C20D11CCF3.jpg CBEAE2A7BAE057D0A50D55E445903401.jpg
CBEE20E891F0DF48422EED675BE6BCF1.jpg CBF096D20EC071F1F3A78AC103FD837A.jpg
CBF2951CC1C00A477396F68807B47C4F.jpg DSC_0624.jpg
CBF483D6B7CEC69336DDBE343683E4DF.jpg CBF57FA19FE1EB67639096FAD01141F4.jpg
CBF6AA320F94AA4D666291AB3AC398BF.jpg CBF89797D7E20E400C72FBFF5316AA04.jpg
CC0BF8FAC52889BCCB5421BABA11039F.jpg CC13970EB604AF8D35210267F85102F8.jpg
DSC_0631.jpg CC1E0FBDF011A15A3CC395665D4CBB38.jpg
CC1F23FB09D3FA40B1A9EF816685E114.jpg CC202BCCC8EDDD029AB7C919CDEACEA8.jpg
CC20FB159D395DCC68B84ED1BF3F983C.jpg CC21F700F62DDCDC9525BB161DFE4EFC.jpg
CC243044DD4673951DAC10B816B1CE0B.jpg CC266AA9A7693032D787D7F3DA7A8014.jpg
CC28668BCEBC7A8D9DD1019A7765CE53.jpg CC32FD0E088C9D1A1CF9A51802953BA5.jpg
CC348388A9264ED379B91A89B8EB1DB8.jpg CC36AFD5DD569F364A89137F66D9B640.jpg
CC3819FEEA4C951D360F6CC4A68F43E6.jpg CC396A9BC566A1D8BFF01842479D86B0.jpg

Ricky returned from his solo adventure to the summit as I knew I wouldn’t make it in time to get the last trip ropeway carriage back down the mountain and walked back to the pier to get the boat back to the mainland.

We took the train back to Hiroshima Station and went back to the hostel to eat a quick dinner before walking back near the station to get the overnight bus back to Tokyo. Luckily, it was similar bus to the first one we’d taken so it as more comfortable!

12 hours and several bathroom breaks later, we arrived at Shinjuku station in Tokyo, got the metro to Asakusa and left our stuff at the hostel we stayed at before.
We booked our Mt. Fuji bus tickets with them then made our way to Harajuku for more shopping….!

I met up with an old friend from China who had moved to Tokyo over a year ago and then we went to find Ricky who I’d left in one of his newly acquired stores, then we went to get a drink before walking to Shibuya to find another shop Ricky wanted to go to.
This store was in Shibuya 109 shopping heaven, specifically, the men’s shopping centre where Japanese fashion knows no bounds!
After spending an inordinate amount of money on clothes, we went back to the hostel and my friend went home. We organised our stuff, charged our various electronic devices and then went to the metro to get the long ass train to Narita airport!

We arrived at Narita around 21:15 and were desperate for some food, only to discover that the food court closed at 9pm! Boo!
We found a comfy set of chairs near our check in desk and made our nest for the night, as our flight didn’t leave until 6:15am. Thank god for airport wifi! And books!

I woke up around 4:30am, brushed my teeth and made myself semi-presentable and then woke up Ricky so we could check in for our flight with the other large mass of passengers!

We went for a quick smoke before going through security where once again, I should have had at least a drink bought for me given the touching-up I experienced from airport security! I either looked like a criminal or a think person trying to smuggle stuff in a fat person suit!

Our flight didn’t leave until 7m but Ricky was asleep the moment he sat down – I followed suit shortly after take-off and didn’t really wake up until half an hour or so before we landed. Unfortunately for us, rain had followed us from Tokyo and Okinawa greeted us with swelling clouds.
We remained undeterred however as we watched the US Marines collecting their luggage… silver linings!

~ Okinawa ~

We got the monorail from the airport to Miebashi and found our hostel to be told that check in was at 3pm and we couldn’t sit in the common area until we’d checked in. So no sooner had we arrived, we were turfed out again without so much as a map or suggestion of where to pass 5 hours!

We wandered around in search of food, finding a little café somewhere, ate, found a bathroom elsewhere as they didn’t have one and the walked by the pier for a little while.

Disheartened at only having used an hour and a half of our waiting time we decided to embrace the gambling culture of Japan and went into a Pachinko (gambling, slot machines etc).
Thanks to the lovely woman who worked there and her helping me to understand the games, I paid 1000 yen and came out with 6000 yen! Yay! Pachinkos! ^_^

We walked past the hostel in the opposite direction and discovered a whole host of stores and restaurants, even a Starbucks and were more than slightly annoyed to not have been directed this way in the first place!
We looked around the multi-story tax free shop before heading back to the hostel to check in and shower before napping for a few hours and heading back out for dinner.

We decided to go to Sam’s Maui, which although expensive, turned out to be great food, cooked in front of us and being provided with lovely sailor hats by the jovial owner! Very nice indeed!

20150223_202144.jpg20150223_202125.jpg20150223_201806.jpg 1424689729086_1_.jpg

We went to Starbucks to steal their wifi so Ricky could continue chatting to the homosexual marines via Grindr before heading back to the hostel to look at a map of the area.
The hostel wifi was pants so we couldn’t really find a lot of information and all of the hostel maps were in Japanese – not the greatest hostel…
They closed the common room at midnight so I went to bed and Ricky went to a bar as he doesn’t go to bed usually until at least 2am.

The next day I woke up late, Ricky was still asleep so I left him to it!
It wasn’t until around 12:30pm when I messaged Ricky to see if he was up that I discovered we’d both been awake the whole time – this is the problem with staying in separate dorms!

We went back to Kokusai Street with all the shops and restaurants and found the only place open and relatively cheap (1500 yen) was an “Italian” buffet. To be fair, it was filling and not that bad in regards of taste but not really Italian and not Japanese – for some reason, people in Okinawa, and in fact, most of Japan, don’t seem to eat between 12 and 5pm…!

Ricky had drunk 3 coffees so was wired, but my caffeine-free body required a nap so he did his own thing whilst I grabbed 40 winks!

We went out around 8:30pm for dinner and to hunt down the gay bars which we found, eventually, and were, having spent 2 weeks in Japan already, not surprised by the tiny bars we found.

We first went to the Banana Café, which we found purely by chance, despite looking for it, because I spotted a small sign with a banana on it, to which I shouted, “I FOUND A BANANA!”

We had a drink and enjoyed some mash-ups of current musical hits, all the while looking at the videos asking “who are these people?” as we’re a bit out of the loop in China with peoples’ faces. More often than not, we know the songs, but can’t put a face to the singer!

We went to DQ after that, run by an effeminate, petite Japanese man, who informed me that my name means flower in Japanese! ^_^
I went home around midnight and left Ricky to his hunt for boys and made my back to the hostel.

The following morning, I got up at 8am for a shower and to organise my luggage, realising around 8:45am that Ricky was nowhere to be seen… I went to his room to find him fast asleep so I had to rather violently shake him to wake up as we had to leave at 9am!

He eventually resurrected and came downstairs, suitcases banging out a discord down the stairs as he went, we checked out and then walked round the corner to the ferry port.

We bought our tickets to Zamami (2,120 yen one way), had a cigarette, then climbed aboard where Ricky promptly found a spot on the floor and went back to sleep.

I went out on the deck to enjoy the open water and the sun just in time to see a whale shoot water into the air in the distance!

Just over 2 hours after leaving Okinawa, we arrived at Zamami Island and it was beautiful!

~ Zamami Island~

I gently woke Ricky up and we got off the ferry.

img_0925.jpg img_0928.jpg
img_0929.jpg img_0931.jpg
img_0932.jpg img_0933.jpg
img_0935.jpg img_0936.jpg

I had the address of where we were staying, but no idea how to get there. Now, I know the island was small but…! I asked at the information office by the ferry if they could tell me how to get to our accommodation; the guy showed me a map and we were about 50m away…!
The whole village was right in front of us, with its 3 or 4 small restaurants, 2 shops/grocery stores, a few diving and fishing places and that was pretty much it!
A dirt track on the street was a road on the map so within less than 3 minutes, we arrived at our home for 3 days and checked in!

The owner was great, amazing English, super helpful, he talked us through the map and told us what was good, where to go etc. We were staying in a traditional style room which was empty when we walked in, apart from a small square table and 2 legless chairs.
Our “beds” were in the cupboard – a roll out futon, no thicker than a cushion, a pillow and a duvet.


Japanese island life!
The owner knew we were western and luckily for me, he’d put extra futons in our room in case it was a little too hard to sleep on, which was really considerate of him.

He told us where we could rent bikes from and snorkelling gear, so Ricky and I got changed and I put my bathing suit on under my clothes and off we went to get a bicycle from just round the corner.

I think for a few seconds at least, I forgot how to ride a bike…!
I was so wobbly and kept darting from one side of the road to the other. Eventually, I got the hand of it, just as we started going up a steep hill to get to the beach.
Well I quickly gave up trying to cycle up it as my bike had no gears so I slipped off and pushed it up over the top.
Down was easy and really fun!

We got to the beach in no time at all and headed straight down to the waters’ edge – not the warmest water we’d been in, but definitely not the coldest!
We were soon all ready to go in, mask and snorkel on, flippers tied up tight – in we went!
Ricky had never been snorkelling before and did an amazing job – so proud of him!
We swam around in small increments so he could acclimatise to not being close to the floor, and after a while he was loving it!
I saw a jelly fish, nothing too scary but I didn’t go after it, and lots of other fish swimming in and out of the coral. I particularly enjoyed the tiny, electric blue fish that were dancing around beneath us.

D58CE6A500C6F9A755D54967842B2031.jpg D58DEF5DE7D43C1E902A50CDC46B933A.jpg
D58EF5D0FF826B915C4374D1C7876AEB.jpg D59054189F6BD2D0627863AA6C3248B8.jpg
D59199330F7417953E4AE9855BC48C65.jpg D592E1B5E2C12B3BF336BC7F18C53ABA.jpg
D5941183C809471C388B0FEA0AB1A111.jpg D59549D6DEB4E9F80DE1F555B350817F.jpg
D59600809AD9EE7004618EA5F1E0267B.jpg D59754599E81376AE7E363CBBC73C22E.jpg
D598E873C062DEFF03D2E66439A9BFB8.jpg D5A499F9CD9FE5A7930BBFCE2BA46A05.jpg
D5A6773BA56D17CC827756E2AC19BABE.jpg D5A7D3CEB404554F84B5C48991B6DD9E.jpg
D5A925B5B83B416EAE97C18B8FAA794B.jpg D5AA7CCEED06E6A27C243E5F6160DF82.jpg
D5ABC972B824A2B58A0A05B3DF0C3EF4.jpg D5AD3D3AEE548F1E5919E2D0107EC555.jpg
D5AFD079CE621C73C609ED4EA79A7F9A.jpg D5B1D95D0B5A3F1B68FB9C880AF10A54.jpg
D5B37874C47AFA7B4126AEA757707CA5.jpg D5B48C19CE8CD8DEAD4A28D6248B9C0A.jpg
D5B59BE4A8E143B376ABEA7D8B8C8F43.jpg D5B77D76C16176561C4D5F510AA226BF.jpg
D5B8A8050936A52CE15130DC3B69A231.jpg D5B9E93ACFE5C98EA42D06A62933C52C.jpg
D5BB3D6CD3AAE59A1D022B5B2CAF9B86.jpg D5BC1C120354F2E31DF96731C08FF063.jpg
D5BE2F75DB8EA8C727196C06C012E33E.jpg D5C0942AB8B319B91FF15734A137D2F0.jpg

It was quite late in the day when we eventually went in the sea and Ricky was pretty cold after 45 minutes to an hour, so we decided to call it a day and went back for a nice warm shower!

We cycled to the shop and bought some bread and cheese and juice and put them in our bicycle baskets before reaching the guesthouse, then dropped off the bikes and had a nap before going to one of the only restaurants that did dinner, to eat!

By the time we went for dinner, the island had been plunged into a beautiful darkness, still and silent, like it forgot it was a place with living people on it!
Island life!

The following day we got the bikes and snorkels gain and headed out to a different beach to try to catch a glimpse of sea turtles – the clouds were rolling in and the wind was getting the waves all flustered but I was determined to swim with sea turtles, so we pushed on. Snorkelling on a wavy sea is always interesting, but without the sun to warm it, the water was colder than before. I saw another jellyfish but not much else so headed back to shore. Ricky had said he wouldn’t go in if there were no sea turtles!

I saw some divers a little way up the shore so headed towards them, only for one of the guys to tell me there was a sea turtle there! Yay!
Well, I basically ran across the beach, put everything back on and as in without a second thought!
I powered through the now even bigger waves as they crashed into me until I saw it.

Luckily, Ricky and I had stopped at several diving shops until we’d found an underwater camera so I was even privileged enough to document this elegant creature.
My favourite animal, and somewhat of a spirit guide was gliding through the tumultuous waters effortlessly, not minding in the slightest, mine or anyone else’s presence.

Shortly after that, we felt the rain in the air and know we didn’t have a lot of time. We went back to the guesthouse to get out of our wet things then cycled to a different restaurant for lunch and only then did the heavens open.


My, my, my, what a downpour – no wonder this island is so green!
It only lasted maybe 10 minutes or so but the wind hadn’t died down as we returned the bikes and snorkels and set up shop in our room with cards and hairpins for poker chips and made sandwiches later to tide us over until dinner.
I had an unwarranted nap for an hour or so before we went for dinner in the same restaurant as before, different food choices that time, then came back to our room for poker and reading – very civilised!

The next day I had a shower and did some laundry whilst Ricky went snorkelling to use up the rest of his pictures on his underwater camera. He went off on his own little adventure to a peace memorial at the top of the island and I finished reading the last book I bought with me.
After a quick nap, we went for dinner in the same place, but once again, ate something different.
We made sure everything was packed so we didn’t have to worry about it in the morning and then went to sleep.

The following day, we travelled the 3 minutes walk from the guesthouse to the port to get the fast boat back to Okinawa but had 6 hours to kill.
We went to Starbucks to get some lunch, Pachinkos to win some money, then decided to just go to the airport on the monorail and do nothing for 4 hours.

Our flight was pretty standard and we arrived in Narita Airport, Tokyo around 8:40pm. We went to get our train tickets, knowing we had time to buy them rather than being ushered onto the last train by screaming Japanese workers again. We bought the right ticket but “thanks” to the women “helping” people, we ended up on the Ueno Skyliner and ha to pay again for the privilege!

We finally arrived at the best hostel ever, Khaosan Kabuki and checked in to the fancy private room again.
I love this place and the amazing staff who are super helpful and just lovely to hang out with ^_^

We set our alarms to get up super early for Mt. Fuji but when my alarm went off I checked the live webcams from Lake Kawaguchi, there were so many clouds, you couldn’t even see the bottom of Fuji san, let alone its peak! With this information in mind, I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep! Whoops!
In my defence, everyone told me that visibility is key for Fiji as it gets covered in a blanket of clouds and becomes invisible.

We got up eventually around 1pm and had some lunch then did even more shopping before going to Don Quixote (tax-free, 4-floored mega store) to buy new suitcases… because of all the shopping…!

If you’re considering coming to Japan, bring a half-full suitcase because you will definitely take advantage of the incredible fashion!

I went to meet from friend from China again for dinner in Ikebukuro in a beer buffet place where you pay 2000 yen for 2 hours of whatever you want to drink and whatever you want to eat. We had a Russian Roulette Octopus Ball Dish where one of the 8 or so balls is laden with spice and you take one each at a time and eat it, hoping you don’t get the spicy one!
Luckily, I didn’t get it!


I made my way back to the hostel and re-packed my suitcases then went downstairs with Ricky to sit with some guys and hang out.

The following morning I got up around 9:30am and showered then went down to get my life in order!
We went to the metro to get the airport train to Haneda airport, checked in, spent the last of our money after we exchanged the large notes we had left (between 30-40 thousand yen each!) and made our way to our gate!

Our flight was delayed by 30 minutes so we didn’t arrive in Shanghai until 5:20pm and had to collect our bags and go to a different terminal to get our connecting flight to Beijing. We got to the check in desk at 6:15pm and our flight left at 6:50pm.

~ Airport Ninjas! ~

We got to Beijing at 9pm and got a taxi to the same hostel we stayed at 3 weeks before and had some dinner then went to bed, ready to get up and go in the morning.
We went to the foreign bookstore at Wangfujin where I spent almost £70 or more on books before getting our luggage from the hostel and went to Beijing West Train Station to get the fast train back home.

We were sat on our sofa feeling depressed by 7:30pm

I already miss Japan and want to go back!

We really didn’t spend as much money as I thought we would.
I took £2000 and came home with just under a thousand, even after buying clothes (in abundance) and splurging on fancy dinners every now and again.
If you’re sensible with your budget and pay for flights/buses in advance, Japan really isn’t that expensive.

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