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On the road to Mandalay... 05.09.2015
Japan - Hiroshima and Okinawa 05.06.2015
Japan - Tokyo continued, Kyoto and Osaka 10.05.2015
Japan - Tokyo 08.05.2015
Yosemite National Park and San Francisco 02.02.2015
Los Angeles 20.01.2015
The Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas 10.01.2015
New Orleans 22.11.2014
Summer in the USA 18.10.2014
Vietnamese Cooking... the recipes! 11.10.2014
Vietnam 12.06.2014
Vietnam 06.06.2014
Siem Reap (Cambodia) 27.02.2014
Sihanoukville (Cambodia) 27.02.2014
Cambodia continued..... 26.02.2014
Cambodia 18.02.2014
New Year in China 04.01.2014
Trip to Xian for the National Day holiday... 02.11.2013
Medical Massage... 26.09.2013
Back to China :) 12.09.2013
The last entry for "3 Weeks in Thailand" 23.03.2013
The next chapter of "3 Weeks in Thailand" 25.02.2013
3 weeks in Thailand....! 24.02.2013
Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween and Twister in China 07.12.2012
School, Weekend away to Xian, movie nights and sore bums! 22.10.2012
Elephant play time! 13.10.2012
Chinese school and a cheeky photo of me and Mish 10.10.2012
Arrival at new home, Chinese school and new friends 08.10.2012
The Forbidden City and the Great Wall... 05.10.2012
Summer Palace, Lama Temple, Pandas and a Tea Ceremony... 04.10.2012
Train Stations, the Zoo, old China town and a stupid cold! 02.10.2012
A Foreigner in Beijing... 01.10.2012
Stepping out into the land of Chinese Cuisine... 30.09.2012
Summer cold 29.09.2012
Beijing. I am in you! 29.09.2012
First Chinese activity completed: A trip to the supermarket! 29.09.2012
3 weeks and I'll be in China!! 09.09.2012
And so it begins... 27.08.2012