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On the road to Mandalay...

sunny 40 °C

Dear Blogasphere, it has been a long time since my last entry, and for this I can only apologise!

I find myself once again on foreign soil - this time I have moved to Mandalay in Myanmar (formally Burma) for another English teaching position.
This was a somewhat last minute decision, but one I think will bear fruit sooner than anticipated.

I arrived at Mandalay International Airport after a somewhat gruelling 20 hours or so travelling time across three flights and 4 airports to be greeted to an incredible heat.
It's hard to describe the current climate as it's almost like walking behind a bus and getting trapped in the heat of the exhaust without the stuffy, polluted air. It's a thick heat without too much sweating, which is always good. The air smells warm and inviting without being uncomfortable or difficult to breathe.

I was collected by one of my soon-to-be colleagues, a delightfully miniature woman in the form of Jolyn. Though tiny, she was full of smiles and a positive, welcoming countenance that was just what I needed after my nearly full day of travelling.
We hopped into our waiting taxi and were soon on our way to my home for the next year or so.

As we drove along the somewhat uneven highway, we passed huge masses of green trees and fields, lakes and rivers, cows and goats, and people lounging about under the shade of the roadside trees. People haphazardly swerved around our car on the mopeds, three people at least on each bike, helmets on one or two of them, but blissfully riding along without a care in the world.

I saw a long wooden bridge stretching out over a placid lake, and by long I mean at least a few miles, and countless gold topped temples, palaces and pagodas - truly beautiful, nestled in amongst the land's natural wonderment.

As we got closer to town, more people and vehicles began to appear, including a small truck full to the brim with Buddhist monks, inside and atop, giving off an air of pure zen-like contentment; woman carrying what appeared to be obscenely heavy cargo on their heads, items my sturdy neck would struggle to support. This seemed to be a theme as I passed by countless numbers of women carrying various loads, including one women who was supporting a healthy number of bricks on her head at a local construction site.

It seems the Asian vehicular phenomenon is not only limited to the larger countries of China, Thailand and Vietnam, but is in fact a staple requirement of driving or riding in this part of the world.

We arrived at the hotel where I was shown to my room, complete with twin beds and an en suite bathroom, all for me, and proceeded to empty my heaving suitcases into their final resting places of various drawers, cupboards and wardrobes and lying on one of my beds whilst saying out loud "God, I love my life!"

Having not slept the entire way here, I thought it best to stay awake as long as possible to avoid the dreaded jet lag, which over the years, I have become somewhat proficient at escaping.

I met my boss by accident in the hallway towards my room, who took me to a bureau de change around the corner from our hotel to change the US dollars I had in my purse into Myanmar kyat (pronounced chat) and then on to the other teachers rooms around the hotel complex.

What an eclectic mix of individuals; the chilled, almost hippy-esque kind; the somewhat bawdy Londoner; the cute mixed nationality couple; the pixie like gem; the quirky and funny one – all lovely and welcoming, and all with different stories to tell.

It’s a little intimidating to be thrust into a well-knit group of people as a newbie, but a situation I am all too familiar with and can appreciate for what it is; a new and exciting opportunity to be something different to add to the mix!

The sun rises incredibly early here and sets in much the same way, so when a blanket of darkness finally fell around 7:30pm, I crawled into my cosy bed, in my marvellously air-conditioned room, and slept for at least 15 hours!

The next day I went to the small hotel restaurant, even that being too big a word for the space available, to enjoy my free daily breakfast of fried egg, fried rice or noodles, toast, fruit, juice, tea and coffee before meeting, purely by accident, one of the other teachers who told me when to get the bread van to the main teaching centre to observe some lessons.

  • Please note, that it is of course not a bread van, but a small, almost camper van shaped commodity that shepherds us back and forth from the various work outposts everyone needs to get to.

I was soon on my way, learning ever more useful titbits of what to expect from my new life in Mandalay, until arriving at the very off the beaten track building that was to be my new teaching centre.

Basic is not a word I could use to describe it, but everything somehow worked perfectly for the area and purposes required. Discordant harmony is probably the best way to define it, but without any negative connotations! Confusing I know, but do bear with me!

It was almost like this place had decided, whether consciously or not, that they would strip away the frivolous teaching methods, styles and equipment of the western world, leaving nothing but a pure, totally unambiguous and instinctive teaching core beneath. This space was completely, 100% for the love of learning and the desire to be educated without any of the bells and whistles to glam it up. It was actually quite overwhelming, and intriguing.

I observed a lesson and then made my way back to hotel (via the bread van) where I made the fatal error of lying down for a moment.

4 hours later, I awoke to a hunger I hadn’t felt for a long time! The immediate need for sustenance forced me from my bed to the local bar, almost attached to our hotel, Central Park.

I joined some of the teachers I’d met earlier and had some dinner with them, before going back to my room to sleep due to the sneaky jetlag induced exhaustion.

The next day, I had breakfast again before getting collected by Jolyn who, in the bread van again, took me to the centre where I graded some papers and had an interesting lunch of rice, vegetables and some kind of cured meat from a lady with a pop up shack around the corner from the teaching centre.

I stayed for most of the day before heading back to the hotel and napping briefly, and then got escorted to a local BBQ place to have a welcome meal with my fellow colleagues. For less than a fiver, we gorged ourselves on various BBQ classics, plus some fried noodles and beer cheaper than a packet of crisps in the UK!

I was still pretty tired so decided to head back whilst everyone else moved on to a bar, only to walk a few metres from the BBQ place to find my feet not touching the ground as I had anticipated.

Before I knew what was happening, the floor began getting closer to my face as my hands thrust out in front of me and I instinctively turned my body for my back to take the brunt of the fall.

Yes, I had fallen down one of the many holes in the road and had, within hours of meeting my colleagues for at least the next 6 months, promptly fallen down like a blob of human ineptitude in front of them all.

With the skill and grace of a person used to falling over their own feet, let alone pot holes or off high heeled shoes, I laughed at myself before heaving my still quivering mass off the tarmac and brushed off what I can only hope was just dirt from my hands and then somewhat sore arse.

It was only after separating from the group that I remembered the torch I’d so sensibly stowed away in my bag, which I immediately removed from said bag and used to light my way home.

After applying antiseptic cream to my scraped knee, I crawled once more into my soft, welcoming sheets and beckoned sleep to me like a vampire in a coffin.

The following day I made the catastrophic error of not getting up early enough for breakfast, and having not yet located the nearest supermarket, went to work at 12pm without any input of any kind to then work for 6 hours straight using only the odd cigarette break to stifle my hunger pangs.

Luckily though, my new students with their enthusiasm and general loveliness saw me through to the end of my shift by playing countless games, getting-to-know-you activities and having interesting conversations.

As is standard in Asia, the students give themselves their own English names, and without fail, I once again have some absolute corkers, including but not limited to, Starlay, KK, Arr, and Moses.

After my successful lessons and first complete day of teaching, me and a fellow late nighter got in the bread van and made our way back to the hotel before accosting another teacher and heading out for dinner up the road a few blocks from the hotel.

We sat in Central Park after dinner for drinks and long discussions about our lives before Mandalay before walking back to our rooms and saying goodnight on this, my first real day.

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Japan - Hiroshima and Okinawa

sunny 28 °C

We arrived in Hiroshima (HiROshima!) at around 7am and following their instructions, made our way to our hostel.
K’s House has many hostels throughout Japan and just like Kyoto, we thought the Hiroshima branch was just as good. Comfy beds with great storage space, kitchen, common area and laundry room, plus it’s only a 5 minute walk from the train station.

We decided to go straight out to the Atomic Bomb Dime and Peace Memorial Park with our sightseeing bus passes I ordered with our overnight bus tickets.
We walked around the whole park admiring how well and how beautifully the people of Hiroshima had preserved the past destruction of the town whilst creating a beautiful community area. Of course, the physical damage, aside from the A Bomb Dome, has been gone for many decades now, but there is something about the whole place that still stings of an attack long passed.

CB1F1F1CA549CF149067F84537D17C0E.jpg CB21F135B8CD3427A9A470A5E2F08808.jpg
CB247DA10F69A190278C8DF996B6F808.jpg CB276AB8C451598D665256821263BA08.jpg
CB2971AF04BB79C0033E3642A6E6346E.jpg 270_CB2B4E9AF2BFC78A15FABCB21D0F03F7.jpg
CB2DCF0502DDF4DE0C7086A8CDE2C68C.jpg CB305E9EBBC5AED370B77FB27BB90B20.jpg
CB333206BAD55E243A9F4B2C19A2E7A0.jpg 270_CB3502A19DEAD8E9A2E7AC013ECF47E5.jpg
DSC_0542.jpg 270_CB4387A6C13A0D0A0892C9279059327B.jpg
DSC_0544.jpg 270_CB46229DD7E0B06916F4B7323F25E845.jpg
CB4797ABA643131F99944D9E46A8D523.jpg 270_CB4927A6BF4B60B364F9B2CCF41D5467.jpg
CB4AAB289F1A140593B8F355D18F7396.jpg CB4DB280F63561F14A513EBE27B10D8B.jpg
270_DSC_0552.jpg DSC_0554.jpg
CB54F2B3EB053A31698F72E09DF83CEA.jpg CB616AD4049AD9860A09E0291BD8C830.jpg
CB62EB97B719FF99339A6FD9305DC807.jpg DSC_0559.jpg
270_DSC_0561.jpg 270_DSC_0562.jpg
CB681944C17C4B9EB2F925611EA8D375.jpg CB703524A7ABCE8D1FA38BF8C2581054.jpg
CB72033EEE3BDD7D7EFB699DE01324C5.jpg 270_CB745133E051949AC62A03EA58B3D379.jpg
CB765ED506DEB948DE7C72783849F5AD.jpg 270_CB77D367F17EFE1AB50CF0D136CC5295.jpg
CB79EE45BD7F069F095328CE03DC0473.jpg CB7BDFF4A0479B7053882082788789D3.jpg
270_CB7D98799ADE673E35174C30030093EE.jpg DSC_0574.jpg

We went back to the hostel for a nap I so desperately needed before getting dressed and heading out to the restaurants and bars area for dinner.
We went to Kanak Indian Restaurant for a delicious meal that Ricky was salivating at the very thought of before going to Mambas, a Latin Salsa Bar.
We watched Japanese Salsa dancers for as long as we could before going downstairs to Barcos or some foo music and incredibly entertaining Japanese youths!


We checked out the following morning, but left our luggage at the hostel and got the JR Local Train to Miyajima and then a ferry to the island where a whole horde of deer were freely roaming around, trying to eat people’s jackets!

20150221_133612.jpg 20150221_134908.jpg
20150221_134916.jpg 20150221_163358.jpg
1424489742300__1_.jpg 1424493335328_.jpg
1424493691427.jpg 1424499784911_.jpg
1424499797475_.jpg DSC_0577.jpg
CB8B0A77BDE1134B1960493B47ABA5EE.jpg CB8D82EDF7E686DF9855100FD6AF3487.jpg
DSC_0579.jpg CB8FFE4EF2AD6834C8E6D0FD32F2F7E2.jpg
CB91E4CE00B67B30E5D02962E8EDF467.jpg 270_DSC_0582.jpg
270_CB94AEE0FA823FE0DA8522FBE4E87C41.jpg DSC_0584.jpg
CB984030A72C23A62E7B8182249B8803.jpg 270_DSC_0586.jpg
CBA707C7925964ADF10360F09D8EDC14.jpg DSC_0592.jpg
CBAA0918CDD4BE56FCAB32D1C8BF2C5A.jpg 270_CBAC3A45EF5F5913DF8A29913679E0F7.jpg
CBAD7D35F93973EB6B1AB58188873737.jpg CBAEDA15A7193E182B658E1628E90566.jpg
CBB04E03FA6E97F62DF3F04C3EBB7C7C.jpg CBB2A02BC0C5387CE6B9AD1EEE5811E9.jpg
270_CBB475000ACA35D37E06CC26DF7AD58E.jpg DSC_0601.jpg
CBB78397F5D969FBB9E4529BD5B02848.jpg 270_CBB9B142A73D37A9929F3D8479300529.jpg
CBC5B6ADF3735A6B17AC1D0DFF070581.jpg DSC_0605.jpg
270_CBCA49469BE9F1B1E27DAB83CC5C303A.jpg CBCC6233DC04402959D9025F30514204.jpg
270_CBCE1715F72F208D5497E37A6F50F39F.jpg DSC_0609.jpg
270_CBD4BC33C19EE1A021642F7577B1724F.jpg 270_DSC_0611.jpg
270_CBD95780D24CCAF5BBDCF3C77EE8331A.jpg CBDBCB43DF53D7A20B9AACC6BF446BAD.jpg
CBDD9BA5E30675FC3887FA851C86BF7A.jpg 270_CBDFEFF9C5BA0CA4763C0D9454E06D22.jpg

After walking around the island, enjoying the sights, we took the ropeway to the top of the mountain where I only wished the sky had been clear, but even so, the views were truly spectacular.

CBE9E8FBC848BBB151B963C20D11CCF3.jpg CBEAE2A7BAE057D0A50D55E445903401.jpg
CBEE20E891F0DF48422EED675BE6BCF1.jpg CBF096D20EC071F1F3A78AC103FD837A.jpg
CBF2951CC1C00A477396F68807B47C4F.jpg DSC_0624.jpg
CBF483D6B7CEC69336DDBE343683E4DF.jpg CBF57FA19FE1EB67639096FAD01141F4.jpg
CBF6AA320F94AA4D666291AB3AC398BF.jpg CBF89797D7E20E400C72FBFF5316AA04.jpg
CC0BF8FAC52889BCCB5421BABA11039F.jpg CC13970EB604AF8D35210267F85102F8.jpg
DSC_0631.jpg CC1E0FBDF011A15A3CC395665D4CBB38.jpg
CC1F23FB09D3FA40B1A9EF816685E114.jpg CC202BCCC8EDDD029AB7C919CDEACEA8.jpg
CC20FB159D395DCC68B84ED1BF3F983C.jpg CC21F700F62DDCDC9525BB161DFE4EFC.jpg
CC243044DD4673951DAC10B816B1CE0B.jpg CC266AA9A7693032D787D7F3DA7A8014.jpg
CC28668BCEBC7A8D9DD1019A7765CE53.jpg CC32FD0E088C9D1A1CF9A51802953BA5.jpg
CC348388A9264ED379B91A89B8EB1DB8.jpg CC36AFD5DD569F364A89137F66D9B640.jpg
CC3819FEEA4C951D360F6CC4A68F43E6.jpg CC396A9BC566A1D8BFF01842479D86B0.jpg

Ricky returned from his solo adventure to the summit as I knew I wouldn’t make it in time to get the last trip ropeway carriage back down the mountain and walked back to the pier to get the boat back to the mainland.

We took the train back to Hiroshima Station and went back to the hostel to eat a quick dinner before walking back near the station to get the overnight bus back to Tokyo. Luckily, it was similar bus to the first one we’d taken so it as more comfortable!

12 hours and several bathroom breaks later, we arrived at Shinjuku station in Tokyo, got the metro to Asakusa and left our stuff at the hostel we stayed at before.
We booked our Mt. Fuji bus tickets with them then made our way to Harajuku for more shopping….!

I met up with an old friend from China who had moved to Tokyo over a year ago and then we went to find Ricky who I’d left in one of his newly acquired stores, then we went to get a drink before walking to Shibuya to find another shop Ricky wanted to go to.
This store was in Shibuya 109 shopping heaven, specifically, the men’s shopping centre where Japanese fashion knows no bounds!
After spending an inordinate amount of money on clothes, we went back to the hostel and my friend went home. We organised our stuff, charged our various electronic devices and then went to the metro to get the long ass train to Narita airport!

We arrived at Narita around 21:15 and were desperate for some food, only to discover that the food court closed at 9pm! Boo!
We found a comfy set of chairs near our check in desk and made our nest for the night, as our flight didn’t leave until 6:15am. Thank god for airport wifi! And books!

I woke up around 4:30am, brushed my teeth and made myself semi-presentable and then woke up Ricky so we could check in for our flight with the other large mass of passengers!

We went for a quick smoke before going through security where once again, I should have had at least a drink bought for me given the touching-up I experienced from airport security! I either looked like a criminal or a think person trying to smuggle stuff in a fat person suit!

Our flight didn’t leave until 7m but Ricky was asleep the moment he sat down – I followed suit shortly after take-off and didn’t really wake up until half an hour or so before we landed. Unfortunately for us, rain had followed us from Tokyo and Okinawa greeted us with swelling clouds.
We remained undeterred however as we watched the US Marines collecting their luggage… silver linings!

~ Okinawa ~

We got the monorail from the airport to Miebashi and found our hostel to be told that check in was at 3pm and we couldn’t sit in the common area until we’d checked in. So no sooner had we arrived, we were turfed out again without so much as a map or suggestion of where to pass 5 hours!

We wandered around in search of food, finding a little café somewhere, ate, found a bathroom elsewhere as they didn’t have one and the walked by the pier for a little while.

Disheartened at only having used an hour and a half of our waiting time we decided to embrace the gambling culture of Japan and went into a Pachinko (gambling, slot machines etc).
Thanks to the lovely woman who worked there and her helping me to understand the games, I paid 1000 yen and came out with 6000 yen! Yay! Pachinkos! ^_^

We walked past the hostel in the opposite direction and discovered a whole host of stores and restaurants, even a Starbucks and were more than slightly annoyed to not have been directed this way in the first place!
We looked around the multi-story tax free shop before heading back to the hostel to check in and shower before napping for a few hours and heading back out for dinner.

We decided to go to Sam’s Maui, which although expensive, turned out to be great food, cooked in front of us and being provided with lovely sailor hats by the jovial owner! Very nice indeed!

20150223_202144.jpg20150223_202125.jpg20150223_201806.jpg 1424689729086_1_.jpg

We went to Starbucks to steal their wifi so Ricky could continue chatting to the homosexual marines via Grindr before heading back to the hostel to look at a map of the area.
The hostel wifi was pants so we couldn’t really find a lot of information and all of the hostel maps were in Japanese – not the greatest hostel…
They closed the common room at midnight so I went to bed and Ricky went to a bar as he doesn’t go to bed usually until at least 2am.

The next day I woke up late, Ricky was still asleep so I left him to it!
It wasn’t until around 12:30pm when I messaged Ricky to see if he was up that I discovered we’d both been awake the whole time – this is the problem with staying in separate dorms!

We went back to Kokusai Street with all the shops and restaurants and found the only place open and relatively cheap (1500 yen) was an “Italian” buffet. To be fair, it was filling and not that bad in regards of taste but not really Italian and not Japanese – for some reason, people in Okinawa, and in fact, most of Japan, don’t seem to eat between 12 and 5pm…!

Ricky had drunk 3 coffees so was wired, but my caffeine-free body required a nap so he did his own thing whilst I grabbed 40 winks!

We went out around 8:30pm for dinner and to hunt down the gay bars which we found, eventually, and were, having spent 2 weeks in Japan already, not surprised by the tiny bars we found.

We first went to the Banana Café, which we found purely by chance, despite looking for it, because I spotted a small sign with a banana on it, to which I shouted, “I FOUND A BANANA!”

We had a drink and enjoyed some mash-ups of current musical hits, all the while looking at the videos asking “who are these people?” as we’re a bit out of the loop in China with peoples’ faces. More often than not, we know the songs, but can’t put a face to the singer!

We went to DQ after that, run by an effeminate, petite Japanese man, who informed me that my name means flower in Japanese! ^_^
I went home around midnight and left Ricky to his hunt for boys and made my back to the hostel.

The following morning, I got up at 8am for a shower and to organise my luggage, realising around 8:45am that Ricky was nowhere to be seen… I went to his room to find him fast asleep so I had to rather violently shake him to wake up as we had to leave at 9am!

He eventually resurrected and came downstairs, suitcases banging out a discord down the stairs as he went, we checked out and then walked round the corner to the ferry port.

We bought our tickets to Zamami (2,120 yen one way), had a cigarette, then climbed aboard where Ricky promptly found a spot on the floor and went back to sleep.

I went out on the deck to enjoy the open water and the sun just in time to see a whale shoot water into the air in the distance!

Just over 2 hours after leaving Okinawa, we arrived at Zamami Island and it was beautiful!

~ Zamami Island~

I gently woke Ricky up and we got off the ferry.

img_0925.jpg img_0928.jpg
img_0929.jpg img_0931.jpg
img_0932.jpg img_0933.jpg
img_0935.jpg img_0936.jpg

I had the address of where we were staying, but no idea how to get there. Now, I know the island was small but…! I asked at the information office by the ferry if they could tell me how to get to our accommodation; the guy showed me a map and we were about 50m away…!
The whole village was right in front of us, with its 3 or 4 small restaurants, 2 shops/grocery stores, a few diving and fishing places and that was pretty much it!
A dirt track on the street was a road on the map so within less than 3 minutes, we arrived at our home for 3 days and checked in!

The owner was great, amazing English, super helpful, he talked us through the map and told us what was good, where to go etc. We were staying in a traditional style room which was empty when we walked in, apart from a small square table and 2 legless chairs.
Our “beds” were in the cupboard – a roll out futon, no thicker than a cushion, a pillow and a duvet.


Japanese island life!
The owner knew we were western and luckily for me, he’d put extra futons in our room in case it was a little too hard to sleep on, which was really considerate of him.

He told us where we could rent bikes from and snorkelling gear, so Ricky and I got changed and I put my bathing suit on under my clothes and off we went to get a bicycle from just round the corner.

I think for a few seconds at least, I forgot how to ride a bike…!
I was so wobbly and kept darting from one side of the road to the other. Eventually, I got the hand of it, just as we started going up a steep hill to get to the beach.
Well I quickly gave up trying to cycle up it as my bike had no gears so I slipped off and pushed it up over the top.
Down was easy and really fun!

We got to the beach in no time at all and headed straight down to the waters’ edge – not the warmest water we’d been in, but definitely not the coldest!
We were soon all ready to go in, mask and snorkel on, flippers tied up tight – in we went!
Ricky had never been snorkelling before and did an amazing job – so proud of him!
We swam around in small increments so he could acclimatise to not being close to the floor, and after a while he was loving it!
I saw a jelly fish, nothing too scary but I didn’t go after it, and lots of other fish swimming in and out of the coral. I particularly enjoyed the tiny, electric blue fish that were dancing around beneath us.

D58CE6A500C6F9A755D54967842B2031.jpg D58DEF5DE7D43C1E902A50CDC46B933A.jpg
D58EF5D0FF826B915C4374D1C7876AEB.jpg D59054189F6BD2D0627863AA6C3248B8.jpg
D59199330F7417953E4AE9855BC48C65.jpg D592E1B5E2C12B3BF336BC7F18C53ABA.jpg
D5941183C809471C388B0FEA0AB1A111.jpg D59549D6DEB4E9F80DE1F555B350817F.jpg
D59600809AD9EE7004618EA5F1E0267B.jpg D59754599E81376AE7E363CBBC73C22E.jpg
D598E873C062DEFF03D2E66439A9BFB8.jpg D5A499F9CD9FE5A7930BBFCE2BA46A05.jpg
D5A6773BA56D17CC827756E2AC19BABE.jpg D5A7D3CEB404554F84B5C48991B6DD9E.jpg
D5A925B5B83B416EAE97C18B8FAA794B.jpg D5AA7CCEED06E6A27C243E5F6160DF82.jpg
D5ABC972B824A2B58A0A05B3DF0C3EF4.jpg D5AD3D3AEE548F1E5919E2D0107EC555.jpg
D5AFD079CE621C73C609ED4EA79A7F9A.jpg D5B1D95D0B5A3F1B68FB9C880AF10A54.jpg
D5B37874C47AFA7B4126AEA757707CA5.jpg D5B48C19CE8CD8DEAD4A28D6248B9C0A.jpg
D5B59BE4A8E143B376ABEA7D8B8C8F43.jpg D5B77D76C16176561C4D5F510AA226BF.jpg
D5B8A8050936A52CE15130DC3B69A231.jpg D5B9E93ACFE5C98EA42D06A62933C52C.jpg
D5BB3D6CD3AAE59A1D022B5B2CAF9B86.jpg D5BC1C120354F2E31DF96731C08FF063.jpg
D5BE2F75DB8EA8C727196C06C012E33E.jpg D5C0942AB8B319B91FF15734A137D2F0.jpg

It was quite late in the day when we eventually went in the sea and Ricky was pretty cold after 45 minutes to an hour, so we decided to call it a day and went back for a nice warm shower!

We cycled to the shop and bought some bread and cheese and juice and put them in our bicycle baskets before reaching the guesthouse, then dropped off the bikes and had a nap before going to one of the only restaurants that did dinner, to eat!

By the time we went for dinner, the island had been plunged into a beautiful darkness, still and silent, like it forgot it was a place with living people on it!
Island life!

The following day we got the bikes and snorkels gain and headed out to a different beach to try to catch a glimpse of sea turtles – the clouds were rolling in and the wind was getting the waves all flustered but I was determined to swim with sea turtles, so we pushed on. Snorkelling on a wavy sea is always interesting, but without the sun to warm it, the water was colder than before. I saw another jellyfish but not much else so headed back to shore. Ricky had said he wouldn’t go in if there were no sea turtles!

I saw some divers a little way up the shore so headed towards them, only for one of the guys to tell me there was a sea turtle there! Yay!
Well, I basically ran across the beach, put everything back on and as in without a second thought!
I powered through the now even bigger waves as they crashed into me until I saw it.

Luckily, Ricky and I had stopped at several diving shops until we’d found an underwater camera so I was even privileged enough to document this elegant creature.
My favourite animal, and somewhat of a spirit guide was gliding through the tumultuous waters effortlessly, not minding in the slightest, mine or anyone else’s presence.

Shortly after that, we felt the rain in the air and know we didn’t have a lot of time. We went back to the guesthouse to get out of our wet things then cycled to a different restaurant for lunch and only then did the heavens open.


My, my, my, what a downpour – no wonder this island is so green!
It only lasted maybe 10 minutes or so but the wind hadn’t died down as we returned the bikes and snorkels and set up shop in our room with cards and hairpins for poker chips and made sandwiches later to tide us over until dinner.
I had an unwarranted nap for an hour or so before we went for dinner in the same restaurant as before, different food choices that time, then came back to our room for poker and reading – very civilised!

The next day I had a shower and did some laundry whilst Ricky went snorkelling to use up the rest of his pictures on his underwater camera. He went off on his own little adventure to a peace memorial at the top of the island and I finished reading the last book I bought with me.
After a quick nap, we went for dinner in the same place, but once again, ate something different.
We made sure everything was packed so we didn’t have to worry about it in the morning and then went to sleep.

The following day, we travelled the 3 minutes walk from the guesthouse to the port to get the fast boat back to Okinawa but had 6 hours to kill.
We went to Starbucks to get some lunch, Pachinkos to win some money, then decided to just go to the airport on the monorail and do nothing for 4 hours.

Our flight was pretty standard and we arrived in Narita Airport, Tokyo around 8:40pm. We went to get our train tickets, knowing we had time to buy them rather than being ushered onto the last train by screaming Japanese workers again. We bought the right ticket but “thanks” to the women “helping” people, we ended up on the Ueno Skyliner and ha to pay again for the privilege!

We finally arrived at the best hostel ever, Khaosan Kabuki and checked in to the fancy private room again.
I love this place and the amazing staff who are super helpful and just lovely to hang out with ^_^

We set our alarms to get up super early for Mt. Fuji but when my alarm went off I checked the live webcams from Lake Kawaguchi, there were so many clouds, you couldn’t even see the bottom of Fuji san, let alone its peak! With this information in mind, I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep! Whoops!
In my defence, everyone told me that visibility is key for Fiji as it gets covered in a blanket of clouds and becomes invisible.

We got up eventually around 1pm and had some lunch then did even more shopping before going to Don Quixote (tax-free, 4-floored mega store) to buy new suitcases… because of all the shopping…!

If you’re considering coming to Japan, bring a half-full suitcase because you will definitely take advantage of the incredible fashion!

I went to meet from friend from China again for dinner in Ikebukuro in a beer buffet place where you pay 2000 yen for 2 hours of whatever you want to drink and whatever you want to eat. We had a Russian Roulette Octopus Ball Dish where one of the 8 or so balls is laden with spice and you take one each at a time and eat it, hoping you don’t get the spicy one!
Luckily, I didn’t get it!


I made my way back to the hostel and re-packed my suitcases then went downstairs with Ricky to sit with some guys and hang out.

The following morning I got up around 9:30am and showered then went down to get my life in order!
We went to the metro to get the airport train to Haneda airport, checked in, spent the last of our money after we exchanged the large notes we had left (between 30-40 thousand yen each!) and made our way to our gate!

Our flight was delayed by 30 minutes so we didn’t arrive in Shanghai until 5:20pm and had to collect our bags and go to a different terminal to get our connecting flight to Beijing. We got to the check in desk at 6:15pm and our flight left at 6:50pm.

~ Airport Ninjas! ~

We got to Beijing at 9pm and got a taxi to the same hostel we stayed at 3 weeks before and had some dinner then went to bed, ready to get up and go in the morning.
We went to the foreign bookstore at Wangfujin where I spent almost £70 or more on books before getting our luggage from the hostel and went to Beijing West Train Station to get the fast train back home.

We were sat on our sofa feeling depressed by 7:30pm

I already miss Japan and want to go back!

We really didn’t spend as much money as I thought we would.
I took £2000 and came home with just under a thousand, even after buying clothes (in abundance) and splurging on fancy dinners every now and again.
If you’re sensible with your budget and pay for flights/buses in advance, Japan really isn’t that expensive.

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Japan - Tokyo continued, Kyoto and Osaka

semi-overcast 18 °C

When we got back to the hostel, I was pretty tired so didn’t stay up late, but Ricky started playing drinking games with some of the other people in our hostel so I left him to it and went to bed!
The following morning we were supposed to get up super early to go to the Fish Market and to watch Sumo wrestling practise but Ricky didn’t go to bed until 3am and when my alarm went off at 6am, I didn’t want to wake up!

I eventually got up around 11am, had a shower and sat in the common room reading my book.
When Ricky appeared, we decided to go to the Imperial Palace only to discover that you couldn’t actually go inside and there wasn’t much to see around it so we gave up and went to Shinjuku to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building observatory to get a good view of Tokyo at night.

5F1F8B80063AA0D1E1919A1A8BDE8486.jpg DSC_0008.jpg
5F1DA21DAC10A1E392496E6485985F11.jpg DSC_0004.jpg
270_DSC_0002.jpg DSC_0001.jpg
20150210_165606.jpg 20150210_173224.jpg
20150211_042946.jpg 20150211_164935.jpg
20150211_164938.jpg 20150211_164939.jpg
20150211_164942.jpg 20150211_164951.jpg
20150211_165126.jpg 20150211_173043.jpg
20150211_174331.jpg 20150211_175031.jpg
20150211_175039.jpg 20150211_175144.jpg

We grabbed a quick bite to eat from a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, selected our meal from a small machine, paid, received a ticket, and then gave that ticket to the chef to make our food.
Katsu Chicken and rice with a huge bowl of udon noodles for about £2.


We’re savvy diners!

We came back to the hostel and chilled out for the evening as we were both pretty knackered.
Ricky went to meet a special friend for the night and for some reason, I woke up at around 4:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep so I packed up my suitcase and got dressed, and then went to the Tsujiki Fish Market but I didn’t arrive until around 8am and a lot of the stalls were closing down and all the big fish had already been cut up :(

Check out from the hostel was at 11am so we put our luggage in the hostel’s storage room and had a nap on the futons in the common area.
We went to get some more money out as we could only get 50,000 yen a day (around £280) which was annoying because my bank was charging me between £13-15 per transaction!!

We decided we were a little hungry so we walked down a few small side streets and found a restaurant full of locals so we followed suit and joined them.

20150212_153520.jpg 20150212_153525.jpg
20150212_153530.jpg 20150212_161014.jpg
20150212_161018.jpg 20150212_161020.jpg

As my father always says, if the locals eat there, it’s usually cheap and always tasty!

We went back to the hostel via a tiny kimono shop and somehow, I came out having bought one…!
However, it was only 5,000 yen and beautiful (£30).

We collected our luggage and got on the subway just after 8pm and headed to Shinjuku station to walk to the Willer Express Bus waiting area, annoyingly, nowhere near all of the other buses!
We arrived early (which is always better than late in my opinion!) but eventually got told it was time to board.
It wasn’t the best overnight bus we’ve been on but it was comfortable and I particularly enjoyed the head covers that were like a strange mix of a hairdresser-style-hairdryer and one of those slide back dome bin lids!


Either way, it blocked out the rest of the world visually, and with my music soothing me through my headphones, I was audibly detached from everyone else as well and managed a relatively good night’s sleep.

~ ~ ~ Kyoto ~ ~ ~

We arrived in Kyoto around 6:30am and had quite a trek to K’s House Hostel, but found it with the help of an old Japanese man on a bicycle who accompanied us to the main road and then told us to walk 3 streets over and continued on with his life!
So cute!

We put our luggage in storage as check-in wasn’t open until 3pm and napped on the sofas until 1pm!
We just sat and chilled in the common area until 3pm and then checked into our room.
A spacious 6 bed dorm with big soft beds – hostels might be expensive in Japan, but you get a lot for your money.

We showered and got dressed before heading out to Gion in search of Geishas.
We grabbed some dinner and through the windows we could see a few tourist/fake Geishas (without makeup) walking around.
When we went outside we found a real Geisha waiting for a car to pick her up so snapped a few pics with her before she was driven off into the night.



We walked down to Poncho To and walked down the thin passageway under hundreds of lanterns lining the street.
I felt like Chihiro in Spirited Away, expecting to see spirits walking through sliding doors; magical!

img_0884.jpg img_0885.jpg
270_5FDB57E6C4804736B7212FDEBB271B8C.jpg DSC_0017.jpg
270_5FDC6DA6E1597CD6435B377DB1672532.jpg 5FDD28B8C53D8FF05CC7BAAC72BD3BAE.jpg
270_5FDDA879CB3F6354A005D7BE370E4D9D.jpg 5FDE3773D0432B156331F411387E2734.jpg
5FDF43659BA4879FC35B61A2A9D22D03.jpg 5FDFF4DAF7556FF333F552DBEB06C35E.jpg
5FE06696E371FA940F1B3A1299010337.jpg 270_5FE7CDF5ED97D60B9B79D768568F2B7B.jpg
270_5FE9291A92CFC74419F1881C374014C9.jpg 270_5FEA2628E24C17233EFD6E1C0A5915AB.jpg
5FEBA202F529EC834B7264557BC62546.jpg 270_5FEC82B6DEBFFD47F1056965722B075E.jpg
270_5FED66CFA4C5F8923900E4BF7FB96A7B.jpg 5FEE33F0BCFADE7E2C4063617D76B171.jpg
5FEEC1A6A37D8A3D0206BC998C9F7D09.jpg 270_5FEF8D21DF8DA0F2AEA81935A5CD11C6.jpg
5FF03619C5EA67A3229A64FC84BBA234.jpg 5FF11942DE41975D2E1B10BE4DFC1AFF.jpg
270_5FF1D92DFE65852EB963909F60DB42CE.jpg 5FF28770F1FC85FCC5F4B2159CE66A0B.jpg
5FF35F2DDD96595A5F5B9B7ED48E9C3F.jpg 5FF45E7DB8A5A3B8FF865403AAA2A3D4.jpg
5FF54724ADACD678A2475CE6741E7A8C.jpg 270_5FF62500FDBF6551C448DCCB695D8858.jpg
DSC_0045.jpg 5FF7FEC8B14DE2E2DBE8B41D306739DF.jpg

It had been snowing for a while and with the wind picking up it was bitterly cold so we headed back to the hostel to relax in the warmth!
The next day we took advantage of the hostel breakfast buffet before getting the metro to Fushimi-Inari Shrine and walking up Mount Inari – There are hundreds of archways next to each other which form these amazing tunnels, broken up by shrine plateaux every so often.

601B2B01FB64239633ABAD820121909D.jpg 601C1E7BC68E3FC940933E671DC63A88.jpg
DSC_0050.jpg 270_601DC4AC979D01E39B7C21C13BA50956.jpg
270_601E7482B5559707E9D1BDAFE68224BE.jpg 270_DSC_0053.jpg
270_DSC_0054.jpg 6021266FA869E8957C3CF9E6245D910B.jpg
60221E7EFCC53E65C6279F4ADB683948.jpg 6023D924016187BC669E61B3C3A940E1.jpg
270_602B0B8295156EC558EC72B64889B9E1.jpg 270_DSC_0059.jpg
DSC_0060.jpg 602D6644D3FF18AA91D186E72C32BA66.jpg
602E5641A7DC778E344A0D8680DF079B.jpg 270_602F24CFC519F6697F9CC298AB5D79D6.jpg
60305EA7B76F823BE248FB9DF14CAC30.jpg 60320B83BD1714C3BAAADE4154AD9336.jpg
270_60337162D3643CDB4D5A6183E965E2EF.jpg 270_603498CF0AED76DD301E27B215E12E9D.jpg
270_603572D4A77B0A744483B77E1384134B.jpg 270_60365CC3F47549CCD1576343EECCB914.jpg
270_605FC6B8D9F67D60ED366B05B97B5436.jpg DSC_0071.jpg
270_6062CCB9F09EAE6CE99BEEBFAA040695.jpg 270_606399B1EB998966519448BF307182B9.jpg
6064DEC90F1C1D1608F447F868368A72.jpg 270_DSC_0075.jpg
6067E778CF2D3BB0D6765F6D53BCC635.jpg 6068FB63A2A9FADB4DAE172ED6EAE098.jpg
6069FBC5FB11AADC1AB5CD2C6735426A.jpg 270_606AF4860FD1B217C35C9D062F33D5D9.jpg
270_606BF8FFF6D7204A749206AC00B2BEBD.jpg 270_606CF478E76F0B4B00B98D35DFFC7EE6.jpg
606DDB0704B0B915994A311BB72E856E.jpg DSC_0083.jpg
606FD848EBAD349C07316E1629A14420.jpg DSC_0085.jpg
6071A0E7FBB5556D44AA1071C7EDAFDF.jpg 6072979C0174ACD6384B4FA7428BB6B0.jpg
270_6085973EF605F68F93F9DB7272FF594A.jpg DSC_0089.jpg
270_DSC_0090.jpg DSC_0091.jpg
DSC_0092.jpg 608C7CE2CF1D60FF54950630D19BF246.jpg
DSC_0094.jpg DSC_0095.jpg
608EE599C47DA05FB68E1F76BFC521B9.jpg 609052A3E013AE5CC9ADD67DD08487A2.jpg
270_DSC_0098.jpg DSC_0099.jpg
609333EBBB508522964BDC1711DC2FA5.jpg 270_609411BFA3E350F82D38247EB6D55764.jpg
270_609512E30814F3F9BA073201B6FF8A47.jpg 6096177AFC51E3D4CCA979FD5F9BDF53.jpg
6096CE7DFE51DC8D4D990D3568FC5A4E.jpg 6097AC63A997C421AEC3A555C470A47A.jpg
DSC_0106.jpg 270_60D3738EEB1A0DF9B706866F0AA08971.jpg
270_60D41A8904020F6950D8B8232000DB10.jpg 60D4DAE2FEB20F335E77F0BB37CF5F0A.jpg
60D57622C1BBF1B48BC49B63351F5C38.jpg DSC_0111.jpg
DSC_0112.jpg DSC_0113.jpg
270_DSC_0114.jpg 60D9F530BCB175C473C05F9C3B954577.jpg
60DABD13BDBDC466A3769C5C0F3DCA09.jpg 20150213_190544.jpg
20150214_124841.jpg 20150214_125901.jpg
20150214_130500.jpg 20150214_130507.jpg
20150214_142750.jpg 20150214_143029.jpg
2015-02-14_14_46_44.jpg 1423891214371.jpg
1423887786184.jpg 1423887582073.jpg
1423887531984.jpg 1423887362136.jpg

Toward the top of the mountain was a bit of a struggle for an unfit, overweight woman like myself as there were lots of steps but not as bad as the mountain in Thailand! I gave up and began my decent as Ricky continued to the top – only to tell me when we eventually met each other again at the bottom that I was one staircase away from the top when I gave up! Perseverance was never my strong suit…!

We walked to the train station afterwards and bought our train tickets to Osaka (560 yen each) for Tuesday then went back to the hostel for a well-deserved nap!
Ricky wanted to go to some bars so he went out, but I stayed in the hostel as I had a bit of a headache.

The next day we went to a flea market held on Sundays at the Chion-ji Temple but by the time the bus got us there, some of the stalls were closing up for the day.
It wasn’t so much a flea market, but rather a boutique, handicrafts, not-so-cheap market so if you want to go and check out the things for sale (which are very nice) be prepared to pay more than average for them! I bought some cute earrings and Ricky bought some pieces he liked then we went to one of the only open restaurants at the time and had curry to fill our bellies.
Be aware wherever you are in Japan, there are appropriate times to locate and eat food, trying to find Japanese places to eat at random times like between 2-5pm is nearly impossible. If the Japanese don’t eat at that time, neither do you!


Monday reared its beautiful head, so we got up, had breakfast in the hostel again, and then went to the train station to buy 2 tickets to Saga Arashiyama (240 yen each).

When we arrived, we went to the bamboo forest and Tenryu-ji temple, plus a lovely stroll through Okochi Denjiro’s Zen garden (an actor in samurai movies) before heading to Fufu No Yu onsen (hot springs) across the Togetsu-kyo Bridge, only to be told that we couldn’t go in because of our tattoos and the links to the Yakusa (Japanese Mafia)!

61330CCBA533B9AFB061063DCA76661B.jpg 6134F04CFFA091888C8108BF08BF3FEB.jpg
DSC_0119.jpg 61368D9CC15C501DB0F9FA330378E17A.jpg
DSC_0121.jpg 270_61397EFD0F519B2A75C24929C5D3236E.jpg
613ADAA6B993218994D9F6145DD52865.jpg 613C9760A39B5B3FD074939D85C2E03A.jpg
613DACBE988BD5E2AE47E01B7182C2FC.jpg 613F1CFA0726FBCE5B38818622EF6468.jpg
6140872BFC43979E80C4E9386604A461.jpg 6141C5DCC0FD5AC10AB58E706332658B.jpg
6142B4750D4F35910C303C896EBD7010.jpg 270_61587DB9C2FA69CB7AA448C0C1EE1F93.jpg
6159A0FB92B8E9EC780420BB2CA5CBB4.jpg 615AFEFADA7BCF550F635A9552D3037C.jpg
270_615CA6FCECBDC527ECDF5972406376DE.jpg 615E06F09F1FCE82301C49B4BD2D429D.jpg
270_615EFDF10732F96549B2448F04F66625.jpg 270_615FECBFB31B6F27C68803CF867BF800.jpg
6160C084DA12A971AC9F66BCACB7950E.jpg 61623772CDADBD29D78BD1C13D50CE58.jpg
270_6163ADF0D36B6F60811962BBAD72D1C4.jpg 61655D68A29AAE8B2735523F5B4786DE.jpg
61667E370347A3D54D8A9F3DA712E145.jpg 6167649FBEE03C90CE78F552AFF4ACE3.jpg
61684E42C3D6D1DB520A4BC7FFA88B53.jpg 6169A2E39F505AF47B87EF52854C51D7.jpg
616D75B1A28AD32D1FE1DE3D52B9C88F.jpg 616E52C5FF57A1DFACDABE32E4E0B13C.jpg
616FB2DF0655328B405BF20B4C7C74C9.jpg 270_61A584B9F025956342A136FC05E517F4.jpg
61A73F34C65A745087FCD65076993E66.jpg 61A8825BCD66B070F5B882693108CF8D.jpg
61A9A0B5AC78E9710195C79B3EFA08E0.jpg 61AB00DA0325195845E08C290346C416.jpg
270_61AC8121038D5B7FD05BBB6041C871AC.jpg 61ADA028D1C509BDB7561737B197CD04.jpg
61AEDFC8F5D9C3E0671DB610DCAD9D2D.jpg 61AFCA449119FF689C9AC9BBA9449C52.jpg
270_61B0FB5CC5A313A8AC2B7805C9BE8795.jpg 61B1D568A3E1E0C7F7ED354201163498.jpg
61B2FF71AE383704568952385540E489.jpg 270_61B459B2FAFD061F763432BDD1520220.jpg
270_61B56C55DA5F2962F5A9D788D68D7700.jpg 61B685B89AD9755CF3E66856CB5A057D.jpg
270_61B78378FA6F03EDC379FD119B102091.jpg 61D395E9A5EACC5CA7321024B6600067.jpg
61D47499D6DE257C6A5F187847942D38.jpg 270_61D586EBB647F2641350BA69A0E0778D.jpg
61D71EA10FDCD9E8A954A283BAC06926.jpg 61D8550D0F27B97B13C3F819BC8F4FFD.jpg
61DA2DB109AB02E17E034A83591B6A6A.jpg 61DB5337CD49B2A805F24AA58BB188A3.jpg
61DC9112E6D50186AF50BD324CD6D40D.jpg 61EB324AC82A9CACF3CD569383AC42A3.jpg
61ECFAE7BA6948194120A028155E8EEE.jpg DSC_0174.jpg
DSC_0175.jpg DSC_0176.jpg
270_DSC_0177.jpg 61F36C9705E8561E9594123557483B1F.jpg
61F46E6D06398AB8BE705B1A18925982.jpg 61F53E61A375DB6D32C023216913D8DC.jpg
61F63A40B2E269AF56EA0E5C36C49EF4.jpg 61F750C5B8CF3922FE046D7760207CD1.jpg

We sombrely made our way back to the train station but decided to top in the adorable café, Coffee Shop Hirose, with an old man so lovely I wanted to adopt him and call him Grandpa! His place was tiny, I felt like an Amazonian woman when we walked in and sat amongst the locals.
He had an old telephone which I adored and teeny tiny dream jugs for peoples’ coffee. I could have sat and watched him pottering away for hours.


If I ever move to Japan, I want that to be my local café; ADORABLE!

Kyoto is so relaxed that I felt like we barely did anything. People in Japan are so lovely and polite and are eager to help us bewildered foreigners with nothing more than a thank you in return!

~ ~ ~ Osaka ~ ~ ~

The next day, we packed up our stuff, had breakfast once more, and then made our way to the train station to head south to Osaka.
28 minutes later we arrived, got on the local loop line train and walked the short distance to our accommodation – not quite what I expected but we’ve stayed in worse! The beds were comfortable and the room was big enough to open our suitcase, what more do you need!?

Ricky wanted to go on the Tempozan Ferris Wheel and I wanted to go to the aquarium (naturally) so we took the subway to Osakako station, had a very late lunch then went our separate ways.
As I sat staring into the Pacific Ocean tank, admiring the graceful flight of the resident Whale shark, I was suddenly awash with sadness; these beautiful creatures made me want to go diving I the oceans every day, but these animals in particular will never experience the open ocean waters again.

626B52D4075B372A91689942B5BAC0E9.jpg 626C0D0BBD1C3AF7827CB3F3CAB16E67.jpg
626D094ECA8849A7700FE335DFA4BD56.jpg DSC_0251.jpg
626EEABCA1C1F1281AC6F9AEC690B4C4.jpg 626FC91FF9CF68CE2B0935D5C6383B24.jpg
6270B0DDEB8D2B43FE1E74805813043A.jpg 6271D979F41EDE1F2EEC6D1A635E3C08.jpg
270_62730B1293D154B65DF200434E7AA080.jpg DSC_0370.jpg
DSC_0386.jpg 62753C5997E52D5D6234543B99B2FF48.jpg
62761661BFBF9413E0D3263B79122A7F.jpg 6276D523FEBA90F24B883612F20FFDBA.jpg
DSC_0452.jpg 627848720C8A0C887C30081690ED4A5A.jpg
DSC_0516.jpg 6279C0E9F2BBF87D9D4DE62FD27C5C3D.jpg

I left shortly after that, feeling like the power aquariums held over me had somewhat diminished and took the subway back to our hotel.
Ricky returned just after me, had a nap, and then went out on the town but an upset stomach prevented me from going farther than the bathroom and back but I didn’t mind, as I soon got lost in one of the many books I brought with me!

The following day, we woke up late and went to Osaka Castle which didn’t look like a European Castle, but more like an Asian Pagoda or shrine. It was inclement weather so we didn’t stay long and walked through the decorative gardens to the metro station.

270_DSC_0526.jpg 270_62923141B276171CE3EDC0FEBB339C45.jpg
6292F90D9EE130383F25B94B93ABB4F9.jpg 6293CF62F2EDB21E5232FB29BFC80886.jpg
270_6294AF52A47390990AE0C6DEF5C1C3EE.jpg 62954A30EC20200B6A73162950717113.jpg 1424240620191.jpg

We stopped at Mos Burger, a supposed must-have of cuisine in Japan.
We were not impressed…!


Expensive and not very tasty or nourishing.

We went back to the hostel for a nap and a shower before heading out to Shinsaibashi and the shopping district.

20150218_214922.jpg 20150218_220311.jpg
20150218_220325.jpg 20150218_220354.jpg
20150218_221858.jpg 20150218_221910.jpg
20150219_112919.jpg 20150219_120802.jpg
20150219_123900.jpg 20150219_124030.jpg

We took in all the lights and the interesting people watching, then sat in Starbucks admiring to deaf guys conversing.
I find sign-language so fascinating and love watching people speak to each other that way.

Apparently, Osaka is better at the weekends and the general consensus appeared to be staying in Osaka and just doing day trips to Nara and Kyoto which are both more peaceful areas.

The next day we’d run out of things we desperately wanted to see so we went to the Sky Tower and took some photos. We both bought heart-shaped padlocks and had our names and the date engraved on them so we could lock them on the available railings on the roof terrace forever.

20150219_134238.jpg 20150219_135110.jpg
20150219_135119.jpg 20150219_135127.jpg
20150219_135203.jpg 20150219_135206.jpg
20150219_135234.jpg 20150219_135253.jpg
20150219_135257.jpg 20150219_135551.jpg
20150219_140032.jpg 20150219_141104.jpg
20150219_141145.jpg 20150219_141612.jpg
20150219_141617.jpg 20150219_141651.jpg
1424320984506_.jpg 1424237401676_.jpg
IMG_20150219_1g.png IMG_20150219_1.png

I love the padlock craze, I think it’s a fantastic way to leave a part of you in the places you’ve visited without damaging property by carving your name into walls! (Sorry, Great Wall of China…!)

We went to find some food in the west tower and then saw there was a cinema so we decided to waste some time by watching not one, but two films (‘Begin Again’ with Keira Knightly, and ‘Love, Rosie’ with Lily Collins) as we couldn’t decide which one we wanted to watch. Both were very enjoyable and not so much of a waste of time after all!

We made the journey back to our hostel around 9pm, grabbed a quick bite, I reinforced the straps on my backpack with my trusty sewing kit then we went back to the Sky Tower as that was where our bus to Hiroshima left from!
We were both disappointed with this bus as the seats were smaller than the first bus we’d taken and the heating was unbearable – I barely slept and had to get off the bus every time it stopped just to bring my body temperature back down!


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Japan - Tokyo

sunny 20 °C

I discovered, when booking our flights to Narita airport in Tokyo that it would be easier, quicker and a lot less hassle it we departed from Beijing rather than the airport closest to us.
So we sped along the track on the high-speed train to Beijing West from Xinxiang East train station, checked into our hostel for the night and had a beer... or two!

We stayed at the Dragon King Hostel in the Dongcheng district and would highly recommend it, as not only is it close to a subway station, but the staff are exceptional and the atmosphere is both friendly and homely.
We checked out in the morning, wolfed down an 'American Breakfast' and walked the 200m or so to the subway.
A few stops later and a 25 yuan Airport Express ticket and we were on our way to Beijing Terminal 2.

We checked in for our flight, went through passport control where Ricky's portable charger was taken from him and I was felt up by airport security so much that I thought it only fair to be bough dinner, or at least a drink by the offer 'searching' me, given her closeness and forceful caress of my inside thigh!

The beginning of a soft porno aside, we went to our gate, only to discover there wasn't so much as a vending machine, let alone a smoking room, so proceeded to take out our books (one each of many) and passed the time by engrossing ourselves in our respective good books.
We boarded our flight an hour after it was due to depart (oh China...!) apparently destined for Shanghai, as a 'technical stop' to arrive at Shanghai airport, disembark, go through the 'exit-to-international-flights' border control and left to figure out where to go next.
This in itself was such an ordeal that a cigarette was desperately required and dutifully achieved by half walking/half jogging through the airport to a smoking room, inhaling pretty much the whole cigarette in one drag and then scrambled back to gate 16 tore-board the plane we'd just got off!
3 hours later, another bag of peanuts and an odd combination of pork curry and sushi later, and we arrived in Tokyo, but not before sitting on the tarmac in Shanghai for 45 minutes and flying over Tokyo for an extra 15 minutes before landing because of the 'danger bok' or something to that effect, as outlined by our inaudible flight attendant.

Now, I was somewhat aware that the trains in Tokyo stopped around midnight and as we were then 2 hours late to Narita, we were pushed for time to get money out and figure out which train to get.
This farce wasn't helped by my bank capping the amount I could withdraw each day, confusing me and putting added pressure on out time schedule.
Eventually, I realised there was a cap, got out what I could and we made our way down the escalator to the trains.

We were walking towards the ticket machine to purchase our tickets but were greeted by several members of staff screaming "GO! GO! GO! The last train of the night is almost here! Buy your tickets on the train" GO! GO! GO!"
We heeded this advice, practically threw our luggage down another set of escalators, launched the through the open doors of the train, and sat down just as the doors were closing.
Now, having never been to Japan before, trying to navigate a subway system with a thousand stations and not even knowing which line you're travelling on presents obvious problems.
The instructions from the hostel would have made perfect sense, had we been on the train they'd advised, however, we were not, we were heading in the wrong direction, not knowing how to rectify the situation but knowing that if we got off the train, we'd be sleeping outside.
Ricky decided that he wanted to get off, but with my last ounce of sanity, I asked the only foreigner in our car, who happened to be sat only a seat away, if he could help us.
We told him were we wanted to go and after subtly correcting our pronunciation, said the train would get us there or at least pretty close which was calming.

70 minutes later, we got off at the station 5 stops away from Asakusa before the train went in a different direction and made our way to the exit.
Now, during that 70 minute journey, not one person came to sell us a ticket so when we were faced with the arduous task of leaving the train station and in our delirious travel-raped fatigue, the only viable option we could think of was to tail-gate someone through the exit gate, hauling our luggage through the closing barricades and making a run for it.


After successfully evading any immediate castigation and enjoying a victory cigarette, we got in a taxi for the last leg of our ridiculous journey and checked into out hostel for the night just in time!
We stayed at Tokyo Original Hostel and were glad to leave in the morning for the hostel we'd booked for the next 3 nights as our room was so small we could barely get our suitcases in... upright!
The only plus side was that the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and they gave us a thank you note and origami Pikachu they'd made themselves when we left in the morning!

We walked around the corner and up the road to our longer stay hostel, Khaosan Kabuki and were much more impressed with out surroundings.
We were upgraded to a swanky private suite at no extra cost for a reason I'm still unsure of and concluded that for the rest of our trip we would pretend we were a soon-to-be-married couple travelling before the wedding to hopefully get more free-upgrades... when in Rome, so to speak!


Before we came to Japan, I'd booked tickets to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, a short train journey away, to see the collection of Ghibli paraphernalia, and today was the day I needed to go.
I asked at the hostel reception how to get to Mitaka and the lovely receptionist gave me a pre-printed slip with directions to the museum and I got ready to go.
Ricky didn't want to come so ventured around on his own whilst I went to the subway station.
I enjoy travelling with someone who doesn't need constant molly-coddling and can just do their own thing; it means that both parties get the most out of their trip without anyone feeling left out.

I went down to the Ginza line, paid the 170 yen to get to Kanda station and got on the train.
The subway ticket machines are off because rather than selecting a station, you select the amount of yen it'll cost to get there, according to the map overhead on the wall.
I arrived at Kanda and had to get a new ticket for the JR Chuo line but the map was only in Japanese so I had to guess the value and get on the train.
25 minutes later, I arrived at Mitake station and went to the south exit as instructed by my print out.
When I put my tiny rectangular ticket in the exit gate, it advised me my fare needed to be adjusted so I went to the machine a stone’s throw away and it told me the difference that I needed to pay; very useful, and civilised!

As I walked out of the south exit, I immediately saw a sign for the Ghibli Museum which confirmed the route I'd already commuted to memory and happily began the 10-15 minute ramble to the second small bridge over the narrow river that accompanied me down the road.


I took a right turn and then after a little more walking, I saw the sign on my left.


I exchanged my paper ticket for my real ticket, a real film piece from one of my favourite Ghibli films (Howl's Moving Castle) and went inside.


Annoyingly, but also understandably, you're forbidden from taking pictures inside the museum, only outside, which was still beautiful and equally magical.

1423456559840.jpg 1423455873094.jpg
1423455800840.jpg 20150209_133701.jpg20150209_132620.jpg 20150209_132524.jpg20150209_132514.jpg 20150209_132508.jpg20150209_132502.jpg 20150209_132446.jpg

Inside was beautiful, wooden floors and staircases with random little doors and cast iron bannisters - I felt like I was in a Ghibli movie!
I looked at all the artwork displays, the extensive heaps of books and sketches plastered across the walls and the beautifully specific way the desk was arranged to suggest Miyazaki had only just stepped away for a moment.
I obviously bought some souvenirs from the gift shop before traversing the iron staircase to the giant metal guardian from Castle in the Sky on the roof of the museum.

90_20150209_133819.jpg 90_20150209_132952.jpg 1423456258290.jpg 1423456459286.jpg 1423456595174_.jpg

I didn't stay for long and was back on the train to Asakusa before I knew it.
I particularly enjoyed the 'real' Catbus from My Neighbour Totoro full of 'real' dust mites from Howl's Moving Castle that the children could play on.
You can see pictures inside the museum on their website: http://www.ghibli-museum.jp/en/

I walked back along the river to the station, had a cigarette in the designated smoking area (you are not allowed to walk on the street smoking!) then got back on the train to Asakusa via Kanda station and met Ricky.


We went to Starbucks for a drink then went to Freshness Burger for dinner before walking around looking for Byron Bay Café which Ricky had found earlier in the day for a Baileys and Chocolate Milk, then went back to the hostel where I wrote this and Ricky played Bomberman on the Nintendo until 3am!


I think I use hostels incorrectly, given that I much prefer the common areas when there’s no one else in them…!

We woke up around 10am and headed out to Harajuku; the Fashion District.
I’ve never seen so many beautiful, ordinary (as in, not famous!) people in amazing clothes before!
Ricky and I bought several items and for the first time ever in our time together, I spent more money on clothes than him!
Beautiful clothes!
We walked around for a while, following cool people to see where they were going, looking into kitsch little shops to see what they were selling, and genuinely just loving our environment.

20150210_153718.jpg 20150210_151909.jpg
20150210_151747.jpg 20150210_151451.jpg
20150210_151352.jpg 20150210_141013.jpg

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Yosemite National Park and San Francisco

overcast 25 °C

I left LA around midday and got to the Yosemite Rustic Bug Resort around 5:30/6pm.
It was exactly what I was looking for:
quaint wooden cabins adorned the hillside, trees as far as the eye could see and nothing but the sounds of nature surrounded me
- perfection!

Just before I drove up to the reception area, a hobbling woman stopped me and asked for a lift as she'd hurt herself hiking and had already walked so far on a busted knee.
Naturally, I picked her up because I'm a decent human being and drove her to reception.

After I'd checked in, I went to the dorm room cabin and discovered my injured passenger was also my roommate which was nice.
She was German and there were 2 other German girls who were travelling together and we became a little unit for a night and a day!
We had some dinner together and chatted about the different hikes to do in Yosemite.

Now as many of you who know me or have read my Thailand blog will know, I am not a hiker and in fact any up-hill motion makes my physical inadequacies all the more ubiquitous.
So, I asked my new German friends about the easiest hikes and where I could drive to...

The next day, I drove to Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park and on the way I saw a bear.
A bear!!
I've never felt so incredibly in awe as I did at that moment.
I saw the bear trundling along the edge of a mountain slope so I quickly pulled in off the road, got my iPad and got out of the car.
I was taking some picture of this beautiful creature, when it stopped walking and looked straight at me.

90_IMG_0580.jpg 90_IMG_0581.jpg
90_IMG_0582.jpg 90_IMG_0579.jpg

We both just stood there for a while, staring at one another, like there was nothing and no one else in the world at that moment in time but the two of us.
It was almost like for those few seconds, we were one and the same, until a noise away from us both startled the bear and it ran into a nearby hedge.
Not knowing entirely where the bear had gone, nor how tasty a treat I would be, I hurried back into the car and continued driving through the park.
My day was pretty much tops after that!

I arrived at Glacier Point and took some photos of the incredible views and noticed all the families and couples setting off on the various trails available from there. I walked around for a little, but I knew I wouldn't be able to do any of the hikes from there so got back in my car and began to drive down to the village. I stopped on the side of the road by a barren looking mountain top that looked higher than Glacier Point, got my camera and climbed up to the top to A) see the views and B) see if I could see any mountain lions...!

DSC_0275.jpg 0C42D621FA4EA9342F1D567CFC56913A.jpg
90_IMG_0587.jpg 90_IMG_0588.jpg 90_IMG_0589.jpg 180_IMG_0590.jpg

I got some supplies from the village store when I'd parked the car and mentally prepared myself for the exercise ahead!
A comfortable bag, a souvenir and some water, then I headed out to what was left of Mirror Lake.
The hike had a little elevation but it was totally doable, and overall, really quite pleasant.

The Mirror Lake, at that time of year, was nothing more than a glorified pond surrounded by sand and gravel, like a misplaced beach.
It was however, very pretty there and the mountains carved mercilessly into the skyline with such precision, it was truly breath-taking.

270_0B462B9CF69BF0B58F9D2656BA6221A0.jpg 0B4E3E52DC7AA923342590FC28D6B2D8.jpg
270_DSC_0279.jpg DSC_0282.jpg
0B573FE2DD74578BC204135AFB804647.jpg 0B5D7F31D4E4C11AA9374C9C68935A4A.jpg
DSC_0285.jpg DSC_0292.jpg

I walked back through the forest a bit more in order to enjoy nature without other people getting in my way!
It was incredibly peaceful hearing nothing but the sounds of birds singing, the flow of water from the rivers and trees bending in the gentle breeze as I looked at the beautiful surroundings and looking out for mountain lions... of which I saw none!

DSC_0293.jpg DSC_0294.jpg
DSC_0295.jpg 270_DSC_0296.jpg
DSC_0297.jpg 270_DSC_0298.jpg
270_DSC_0302.jpg 270_0B8F8AECDC4D8B8897F4DFB24AFD7CE7.jpg
270_0B91BFC70F89AA2484BE208F40D99E8B.jpg 0B93DB320CDF51988FC9EA560F2AB4EC.jpg

After a total of 8-10 miles as I had gone full Red Riding Hood and had ignored the path all together, I eventually found my way back to the car and drove back to the hostel resort for some dinner and some much needed spa time!
After a hot tub and sauna session and a cheeky hour long deep tissue massage, I felt like I'd had a super productive day!
The next morning, I had some breakfast and began my shortest drive to my final destination; San Francisco.

Now I have to say, I either did it wrong, or San Francisco really isn't all it's cracked up to be...

I went to see the Golden Gate Bridge, which took forever on various busses and by the time I eventually got there the fog had begun rolling in which both ruined and momentarily enhanced my pictures. I was not dressed appropriately for the cold that the fog brought in so was frozen to the bone, tired and a damp and had to make the long journey back to the more central part of the city.

0AD9C9FA91CAACAFEADFC473C93E8D9B.jpg 0ADF9A22B862946CEDF0C95832F40D4F.jpg

I went to Alcatraz Prison, and again, was not all that impressed.

IMG_6651.jpg 270_DSC_0322.jpg
DSC_0321.jpg DSC_0320.jpg
DSC_0319.jpg 0C932DC4D205EA06DDB5E93CE504A5A5.jpg
DSC_0318.jpg 270_DSC_0317.jpg
270_0C6B54709CC752512DBB585A3B7E2003.jpg 0C5FBDDDED8C026C6A07F810C9A387B5.jpg
DSC_0314.jpg 90_IMG_0664.jpg
90_IMG_0663.jpg 90_IMG_0662.jpg
90_IMG_0661.jpg 180_IMG_0660.jpg 90_IMG_0659.jpg 90_IMG_0658.jpg 90_IMG_0657.jpg 90_IMG_0656.jpg 90_IMG_0655.jpg 180_IMG_0654.jpg 90_IMG_0652.jpg 90_IMG_0651.jpg 90_IMG_0650.jpg 90_IMG_0649.jpg 90_IMG_0648.jpg 90_IMG_0647.jpg 90_IMG_0646.jpg 90_IMG_0645.jpg 90_IMG_0644.jpg 90_IMG_0643.jpg 90_IMG_0642.jpg 180_IMG_0641.jpg 90_IMG_0640.jpg 180_IMG_0639.jpg 180_IMG_0638.jpg 180_IMG_0635.jpg

The views from Alcatraz Island of the bay were quite good but it all just seemed somewhat anti-climactic and a little over-hyped.
I didn't even get through the audio tour without being bored senseless, admitting defeat and bailing out of there.
My most enjoyable experiences in San Francisco was probably standing on the side of the cable car as it went downhill toward the marina but even that wasn't mind-blowing.
I went to China town, but having been living in China for over 2 and half years now, it was actually a little sad seeing how Chinese culture had been bastardised for Western means.
I did enjoy walking around the bay and I even met Elmo, but apart from that, I wasn't all that taken in by San Francisco and my heart definitely came home with me...

IMG_6652.jpg IMG_6649.jpg
180_IMG_0618.jpg 90_IMG_0619.jpg
90_IMG_0620.jpg 90_IMG_0622.jpg
180_IMG_0626.jpg DSC_0312.jpg
DSC_0313.jpg 180_IMG_0635.jpg
180_IMG_0634.jpg 180_IMG_0633.jpg
90_IMG_0632.jpg 90_IMG_0631.jpg
90_IMG_0630.jpg 180_IMG_0629.jpg
180_IMG_0628.jpg 90_IMG_0627.jpg
180_0CBFE464AFCDB4DE70B64548478057E8.jpg 90_0CBC87A4C8DEF58B4F0EF1958537B8F4.jpg
90_IMG_0676.jpg 90_IMG_0675.jpg
90_IMG_0672.jpg 90_IMG_0671.jpg
90_IMG_0670.jpg 180_IMG_0669.jpg
90_IMG_0668.jpg 180_IMG_0667.jpg
180_IMG_0666.jpg 180_IMG_0665.jpg
90_IMG_0621.jpg 90_0CB15FFD9CE4475FE8717E0579601E62.jpg
90_0CAF1C05D05B523785651DF5DE4D70AF.jpg 180_0CAABEAC9149C330C3C6E5C4168F82F0.jpg

I had more fun in Oakland (which is where I was staying courtesy of my wonderful AirBnB host Cassandra!) and could have happily just stayed in Oakland, ignoring SF all together, but that's the annoyance of hindsight, you never get it in advance!
I think my most interesting experience was waking up to an earthquake, not really knowing it was an earthquake at first, acknowledging it was an earthquake, assessing the severity to not be that high and then going back to sleep!
Ahh California!

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Los Angeles

sunny 31 °C

I drove to Los Angeles with a few stops along the way as it’s a long-ass drive!
It didn’t help that a lorry had overturned so I had to sit in a long line of traffic for a while.
Roads in the US are so long and everything is so much further apart than you realise!

I eventually got to my hostel in L.A. around 5:30/6pm and went to meet Steve from the hostel in New Orleans for a drink on Hollywood Boulevard before he left for his flight back to Australia.
I walked along the Walk of Fame then headed back to my hostel for an early night.

90_IMG_0289.jpg 90_IMG_0290.jpg
90_IMG_0288.jpg 90_IMG_0287.jpg
90_IMG_0286.jpg 90_IMG_0283.jpg
90_IMG_0282.jpg 90_IMG_0281.jpg
90_IMG_0280.jpg 90_IMG_0276.jpg
90_IMG_0275.jpg 90_IMG_0274.jpg
90_IMG_0517.jpg 90_IMG_0516.jpg
90_IMG_0277.jpg 90_IMG_0284.jpg

  • RIP Robin Williams *

Apparently my early night was a little too early as I was awake at 4am and bored, so I got up as quietly as possible (not the easiest thing to do when you’re on the top bunk in a room of 6…!) and drove up to the Griffith Observatory to watch the sun rise.

270_6B76012F977F5E9B95FAA6D83EFD7E50.jpg 6B775286E8B4E6B1CF696B2A1FEE88E9.jpg

It is truly amazing what you can see when you’re awake 4 in the morning in Los Angeles. I saw something being filmed, a movie or TV programme, in a gas station, I got to see the beauty of Griffith Park from the observatory and the pure, silent, unpolluted view of Los Angeles as all her lights twinkled in the early morning darkness.

6B77F374920FDA59279EEDE43ECAD563.jpg 6B7A14E29502789F00348C89D53BD92D.jpg
90_IMG_0300.jpg 180_IMG_0305.jpg

I saw a guy propose to his girlfriend, she clearly had no idea it was happening, and as the sun rose over the nearby mountains, the mysticism of Los Angeles faded away in the astounding beauty and power of the morning glow.

90_IMG_0325.jpg 90_IMG_0327.jpg

I particularly enjoyed an old Chinese man, ignoring the sunrise and staring, full-bodied at the moon as her light begin to diminish. There was something traumatic about the whole thing. It was almost as if he was contemplating his own life and how much or little time he might have before his own light fades…


I took lots of pictures of the sun rising over the hills and after the initial beam of sunlight had hit the high rises and the city was bathed in the morning light, I got back in the car to get away from the hordes of people that had suddenly arrived and drove to Venice beach to enjoy some sea air and a casual walk on the beach and over the little bridges along the canals.

DSC_0216.jpg 6B78AFACE8BF355EEB5904D5AC3841AA.jpg
6B7946CEA4FA98296B0BE67181480D8D.jpg 6B7AB15603BEA12723278B989153C1E2.jpg
6B7B5271BFB9927E5631AEC48F751889.jpg DSC_0230.jpg
DSC_0232.jpg 6B7D4FE3913B483BFFAA2BD6DC7AD58D.jpg
DSC_0236.jpg DSC_0237.jpg
6B7EFB3F0A25C1FD3C1765D59F6D4C18.jpg 6BA9B316C191F17B3DF4E74101CB3668.jpg
6BAA6290AE829E5FDB8BFE729738A9F0.jpg DSC_0263.jpg
DSC_0265.jpg 6BAD1CA0B216F1511231B4FE4C38E06B.jpg
6BADF874ECE1CFC2D15EC302D4158381.jpg IMG_0273.jpg
180_IMG_0356.jpg 90_IMG_0357.jpg

I only got a short amount of time for parking so I had to cut my walk short and made my way back to the hostel to catch up on my missed sleep before driving to Newport to go whale watching.
Now, in order to get to the port to get on the boat to go whale watching, I had to drive to Balboa Island: the weirdest place I’ve ever seen. It was almost like none of it was real. Like the Truman Show meets Pleasantville, but so much more expensive. People were doing water sports and lounging on their private boats whilst I sat in my car on a 3 car ferry to get across the water to the dock, just like the car ferry in Jaws! So weird.

180_IMG_0360.jpg 180_IMG_0361.jpg
90_IMG_0362.jpg 90_IMG_0363.jpg
90_IMG_0364.jpg 180_IMG_0365.jpg
180_IMG_0366.jpg 90_IMG_0367.jpg
90_IMG_0368.jpg 90_IMG_0369.jpg
90_IMG_0370.jpg 180_IMG_0371.jpg

The boat trip was pleasant enough, I saw a whale, from a distance and some dolphins, yet it wasn’t as enchanting as I’d hoped for, but pleasant enough. I got back onto the 3 car ferry, being the first car is the scariest thing of all as you stare bewildered at the minimal chain supposedly preventing you from diving engine first into the water, drove back to my hostel and had another relatively early night.
The next day I went to Universal Studios and I have to say, as good as it is, it’s ridiculously overpriced for what’s on offer and you have to pay for parking,
even after the extortionate entry prices! $16 for basic, general parking!
I packed some food and a big bottle of water as I wasn’t paying their prices for food and drink but luckily everything else was included in the exorbitant ticket price!
Plus, on the rides in the lower lot, they have a single rider entrance so if you’re travelling alone like I was or you don’t mind getting separated from your group/friends then you basically walk to the front of the queue to fill up empty seats on the rides. I walked straight past the 30 minutes wait like for the Jurassic Park Water ride and literally stepped straight on! Winner!

IMG_0374.jpg 90_IMG_0376.jpg
180_IMG_0377.jpg 90_IMG_0378.jpg
180_IMG_0379.jpg 180_IMG_0380.jpg
180_IMG_0381.jpg 180_IMG_0382.jpg
180_IMG_0383.jpg 180_IMG_0384.jpg
90_IMG_0389.jpg 90_IMG_0394.jpg

Jurassic Park and the Transformers ride (also with a single rider line) were by far the best, and the Waterworld show was great but the Mummy ride was a cheap, poor-man’s ghost house. It was boring and a total waste of time. The only thrill was the accelerated start, it was downhill from there, both figuratively and literally.

IMG_6647.jpg IMG_6636.jpg

The Studio Tour was pretty interesting and definitely worth doing, but the queue was crazy long after 11am, so my advice would be to do that first. The Shrek 4D experience was pretty good too!

90_IMG_0401.jpg 90_IMG_0405.jpg
90_IMG_0408.jpg 90_IMG_0409.jpg
90_IMG_0411.jpg 90_IMG_0413.jpg
90_IMG_0415.jpg 90_IMG_0418.jpg
90_IMG_0419.jpg 90_IMG_0421.jpg
90_IMG_0423.jpg 90_IMG_0424.jpg
90_IMG_0425.jpg 90_IMG_0426.jpg
90_IMG_0428.jpg 90_IMG_0429.jpg
90_IMG_0430.jpg 90_IMG_0431.jpg
90_IMG_0432.jpg 90_IMG_0433.jpg
90_IMG_0435.jpg 90_IMG_0436.jpg
90_IMG_0438.jpg 90_IMG_0439.jpg
90_IMG_0440.jpg 90_IMG_0441.jpg
90_IMG_0442.jpg 90_IMG_0443.jpg
90_IMG_0444.jpg 90_IMG_0445.jpg
90_IMG_0446.jpg 90_IMG_0447.jpg
90_IMG_0448.jpg 90_IMG_0449.jpg
90_IMG_0450.jpg 90_IMG_0452.jpg
90_IMG_0453.jpg 90_IMG_0456.jpg
90_IMG_0457.jpg 90_IMG_0459.jpg
90_IMG_0460.jpg 90_IMG_0462.jpg
90_IMG_0463.jpg 90_IMG_0464.jpg
90_IMG_0465.jpg 90_IMG_0466.jpg
90_IMG_0467.jpg 90_IMG_0468.jpg
90_IMG_0469.jpg 90_IMG_0470.jpg
90_IMG_0471.jpg 90_IMG_0472.jpg
90_IMG_0473.jpg 90_IMG_0474.jpg
90_IMG_0475.jpg 90_IMG_0477.jpg
90_IMG_0479.jpg 90_IMG_0486.jpg
90_IMG_0487.jpg 90_IMG_0489.jpg
90_IMG_0491.jpg 90_IMG_0492.jpg
90_IMG_0493.jpg 90_IMG_0494.jpg
90_IMG_0495.jpg 90_IMG_0496.jpg
90_IMG_0497.jpg 180_IMG_0499.jpg
90_IMG_0500.jpg 90_IMG_0501.jpg

All in all, it wasn’t a bad way to spend the day but it is an expensive outing, especially for families without a well-stocked picnic basket and an inability to say no to the excessive souvenir shops and tack sellers!


Now it sounds like I had a horrible time, which just isn’t the case, at one point some street cleaners started performing the most incredible dance routine, I just don’t understand why places with such high footfall need to be so expensive! Grinds my gears!

90_IMG_0512.jpg 90_IMG_0511.jpg
90_IMG_0510.jpg 90_IMG_0509.jpg
90_IMG_0508.jpg 90_IMG_0507.jpg
90_IMG_0506.jpg 90_IMG_0505.jpg
90_IMG_0504.jpg 90_IMG_0503.jpg

I went for a walk down Fairfax Avenue after parking my car in the hostel’s minimal underground parking so as to not lose the space! I got falafel and hummus for dinner and some sushi for the following day and then chilled out.
The next day I did a Hollywood tour, they took you to famous people’s houses, not that you could see anything, but it was relatively informative and fun, if somewhat pricey for the gift of looking to famous people’s very high gates and fences.

90_IMG_0518.jpg 90_IMG_0519.jpg
90_IMG_0521.jpg 90_IMG_0522.jpg
90_IMG_0523.jpg 90_IMG_0524.jpg
90_IMG_0525.jpg 90_IMG_0526.jpg
90_IMG_0527.jpg 90_IMG_0528.jpg
90_IMG_0529.jpg 90_IMG_0530.jpg
90_IMG_0531.jpg 90_IMG_0532.jpg
90_IMG_0534.jpg 90_IMG_0535.jpg
90_IMG_0536.jpg 90_IMG_0537.jpg
90_IMG_0538.jpg 90_IMG_0539.jpg
90_IMG_0540.jpg 90_IMG_0541.jpg
90_IMG_0542.jpg 90_IMG_0543.jpg
90_IMG_0545.jpg 90_IMG_0546.jpg

I then drove to the La Brea Tar Pits to see some fossils before going back to the hostel for a late lunch of sushi; some writing and a little TV before free BBQ and drinks in the Tiki Lounge!

90_IMG_0548.jpg 90_IMG_0549.jpg
90_IMG_0550.jpg 90_IMG_0551.jpg
90_IMG_0552.jpg 90_IMG_0553.jpg
90_IMG_0554.jpg 180_IMG_0555.jpg
180_IMG_0556.jpg 180_IMG_0557.jpg
90_IMG_0558.jpg 180_IMG_0559.jpg
90_IMG_0560.jpg 90_IMG_0561.jpg
180_IMG_0562.jpg 180_IMG_0563.jpg
180_IMG_0564.jpg 90_IMG_0565.jpg
180_IMG_0566.jpg 90_IMG_0567.jpg
90_IMG_0568.jpg 90_IMG_0569.jpg
90_IMG_0574.jpg 90_IMG_0570.jpg

The next day I packed up and checked out of the Banana Bungalows and went to meet the girls for breakfast I had eggs benedict and it was crazy delicious! We went to the Blu Jam Café and clearly made an excellent choice as there was a queue down the street about 10 minutes after we arrived.


After that, I said goodbye to the girls for the last time and began my drive to Yosemite.

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The Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas

And the joys of renting a car in a foreign country!

sunny 34 °C

My flight from New Orleans to Atlanta didn't take very long, but after the 3 hour flight to Phoenix and the 4 hour drive to Flagstaff, I was knackered!
I picked up my rental car at Phoenix airport - sounds simple enough but I'd had to cancel a previous rental agreement because the US Customs decided that my international drivers permit was not important enough to actually deliver and even now, after 6 months, it still hasn't been delivered! But my friends in NOLA advised me that rental companies barely ask for it, so I took the risk by booking with another company that wasn't asking for an IDP and I was away!

Now in Britain, we drive on the right side of the car. In China and in America, on the left side. Now I've driven a car in China, but having sat in taxis and friends cars, I was familiar with the right hand drive, automatic gear box stuff, plus Michelle had been kind enough to let me drive a little in New York so I was confident that I wasn't going to die!

Oh my god, how I had missed driving! Being on the wrong side of the car meant nothing, I was driving again and I had forgotten just how much I enjoy driving! Then I realised just how long roads in America are and just how far away everything is and well, my newly rekindled love of driving soon died out! So as soon as I reached Flagstaff, I checked into an over-priced and totally not worth the money or my time motel, but salvaged the experience by having the scrummiest Greek food at Alpha and Omega on Route 66 for dinner before having an early night, ready for the Grand Canyon in the morning and the big old drive to Vegas!

I got up around 6 am, showered, had a little breakfast, checked out of my room and head out towards the Grand Canyon.
The roads in the US are so long and wide and seemingly never-ending!
I eventually got to the Grand Canyon, paid my $25 car fee and parked up near the visitors centre.
I followed signs towards Mathers Point and was subconsciously picturing what I was about to see.
I was wrong.
My mind could not produce the sheer magnitude and vastness of the chasm before me.
I was literally speechless, I don't even think a 'wow' uttered forth from my parted lips, more of a squeak peeped out.
It is truly an incredible sight to behold. I felt so insignificant against that backdrop, and oddly serene.
There's something comforting and calming about looking at the Grand Canyon that even I have difficulty describing.

693E0CFDEE166C1B276736678021620E.jpg 693F43DABA52B0BAB3FC15D98493A233.jpg
694069F29C23BA240212DE930229F1B3.jpg DSC_0181.jpg
DSC_0182.jpg DSC_0183.jpg
DSC_0184.jpg 6946BCD2A5DBE78E919B7737F7E1B83C.jpg
270_DSC_0186.jpg 69493FCC90453D9693623F05B13780BA.jpg
697C2BF9C970C47B753A3093460B8F55.jpg 697B04B6C134A9E7AB1767B898468ECE.jpg
DSC_0204.jpg 697838E5E72990F2F6630225A7B5CF87.jpg
DSC_0202.jpg 6975E2DC94FCB619768347752FA10D8C.jpg
69749D1C9438498D56627F7D9FDF981E.jpg DSC_0199.jpgDSC_0198.jpg

I walked along the trail for a while before getting on a free shuttle bus that takes you to other points along the rim, all equally stunning.
I nice Korean lady offered to take a picture of me on my phone standing precariously close to the edge but feeling unafraid of the abyss below me.


I felt nothing bad could happen at the Grand Canyon, with so much beauty surrounding me.
I stayed and walked around for about an hour and a half, then in true me-as-a-tourist fashion, got in my car and drove away as hordes of cars desperately tried to find parking spaces.
My advice to anyone visiting the Grand Canyon would be to arrive early, that way you will be blessed as I was with minimal people and maximum parking options!

~ ~ ~

I began driving to Vegas and it wasn’t until I saw a sign for it that I realised the Hoover Dam was on route, so I stopped there for 20 minutes ($10 for the privilege to park!), took a few snaps and then left as there were no more tours that day.

270_69E9BB8104CA53C2272EACE8964E0B28.jpg DSC_0211.jpg
270_69E77A84BF1D68AC06A0240D7F7757B1.jpg DSC_0209.jpg
DSC_0208.jpg 69E48024D3C7949E84A99DF80BB95515.jpg

I think one man was hoping to recreate the dam at home, at least I can only imagine as such given the number of photos he was taking of roughly the same area!
By the time I reached Vegas I was almost out of gas and had been driving on and off for about 8 hours!
Things are not as close as they look on maps!
I found my hotel and had a much needed early night.

The next day I didn’t really do much; I went to a 50’s Diner for pancakes at 1pm and then chilled out in my room watching T.V. I obviously needed the sleep because another early night later and it was Tuesday!

I’d booked tickets for Cirque du Soleil on livingsocial.com - a great website for discounted tickets and needed to collect them from the box office at Treasure Island so I got in the car and made my way down the strip.

Vegas is like Disneyland on crack.

For adults.

With hookers.

It’s bright and gaudy and you forget that you’re in the middle of the desert until you acknowledge how thirsty you are!
I parked (for free!) in the Treasure Island carpark, got my ticket, and then went for a walk.

IMG_0241.jpg IMG_0240.jpg
90_IMG_0239.jpg 180_IMG_0238.jpg
90_IMG_0237.jpg 90_IMG_0236.jpg
180_IMG_0235.jpg 90_IMG_0234.jpg
180_IMG_0233.jpg 90_IMG_0232.jpg
90_IMG_0231.jpg 180_IMG_0230.jpg

It is hot in the desert!

I went into Paris to get the monorail and was accosted by various people trying to sell me above and beyond expensive skin care products before eventually finding the monorail.

They’re very sneaky in Vegas, putting the thing you need miles away through a vast array of things you might want in shiny glass cabinets and brightly dressed window displays….!
I resisted temptation however, paid for my $5 one-ride monorail ticket and went back to Treasure Island.

I went back to my hotel for a 2 hour nap then headed out again to watch Cirque du Soleil.

180_IMG_0243.jpg 90_IMG_0244.jpg

Everyone should go and see at least one of their many shows.
I was totally blown away. The physical endurance and ability those performers had is nothing like I’ve ever seen before; simply breath-taking.
I was going to walk around for a bit after the show, but the streets were heaving and I wasn’t in the mood for hen and stag do drunkenness so I headed back to my hotel!

The next day I went to Denny’s for brunch then did some laundry, called my bank who had once again blocked my bank card and the chilled out in my room.

Vegas as a solo traveller is a little boring but I suppose it’s what you make of it.
Meeting friends tomorrow so hopefully my opinion of Vegas will be improved…

I went for a late breakfast before going to the airport to pick up the girls and dropped them off at the Paris Hotel and Casino, gave them some time to wind down and get settled then met them in their hotel room to decide what to do.
We went casino hopping and had quite a bit of luck!

IMG_6641.jpg IMG_6643.jpg

We saw the fountain show at the Bellagio and walked up the strip for a while, admiring all the varying types of people and groups before admitting defeat and needing sleep so I said bye to the girls at the MGM Grand and went back to my hotel, ready for the next league of my journey!

90_IMG_0245.jpg 90_IMG_0246.jpg
90_IMG_0253.jpg 90_IMG_0254.jpg
90_IMG_0255.jpg 180_IMG_0256.jpg
180_IMG_0257.jpg 180_IMG_0258.jpg
180_IMG_0259.jpg 180_IMG_0260.jpg
180_IMG_0261.jpg 180_IMG_0262.jpg
180_IMG_0263.jpg 180_IMG_0264.jpg
180_IMG_0265.jpg 180_IMG_0266.jpg
180_IMG_0267.jpg 180_IMG_0268.jpg
180_IMG_0269.jpg 180_IMG_0270.jpg

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New Orleans

And Jacksonville, NC

sunny 40 °C

I arrived in Jacksonville, NC and waited for my friend to pick me up from the tiniest airport I’ve ever been to!
When the plane touched down on the tarmac, and everyone started to leave the plane, I hadn’t even realised that we were not connected to the airport (you know how there is usually a tube-walkway thing from the plane door to the airport?).
I stepped off the plane and watched as everyone who knew what they were doing just began walking across the tarmac to the terminal building that looked no bigger than a large community centre.
I wasn’t really sure what the protocol was, so without any personnel that I could see to guide me, I followed suit and walked to the terminal building.
It looked almost like an office building inside; one floor, one bathroom, and at the end of the building, there was a single, maybe 10ft conveyer belt slowly bringing in the luggage.
After successfully collecting my baggage, I went outside (only a few feet away from the conveyer belt!) and waited for my friend who eventually arrived looking fashionable as usual and off we went.

To go from New York to Jacksonville, NC was quite a change in not only pace but environment as well.
I was surrounded by green and big open fields, just what I needed after a busy 2 weeks in NYC.

My friend took me for Carolina BBQ and hush puppies which is basically shredded chicken, vinegar and coleslaw in a bun and deep-fried corn cake things.
Anyway, it was yummy!
It rained for the next 2 days so we basically just ate tasty food and I bought some much needed additions to my wardrobe…!
The hotel I stayed in (Extended Stay America) was actually really good and the staff were great, would definitely recommend.

My flight to New Orleans wasn’t until 12:45 so I checked out at 11 and my friend took me to the airport. Standard security, standard flights, although at one point, I felt like Sandra Bullock in the Proposal when she goes to Sitka in the tiny plane - it felt like I was in a glider, not a real plane at all! I had to change at Charlotte and luckily the next plane was bigger!

~ New Orleans ~

My hostel was in the Garden District, about 15 blocks west of the French Quarter, and full of beautiful, typically southern country homes.

90_IMG_0192.jpg 90_IMG_0190.jpg
90_IMG_0189.jpg 90_IMG_0188.jpg
90_IMG_0187.jpg 90_IMG_0186.jpg
90_IMG_0185.jpg 90_IMG_0184.jpg
90_IMG_0183.jpg 90_IMG_0182.jpg
90_IMG_0181.jpg 90_IMG_0180.jpg
90_IMG_0179.jpg 90_IMG_0178.jpg
90_IMG_0177.jpg 90_IMG_0176.jpg

To be completely honest, the hostel (the Atlas House) didn’t look massively fancy from the outside, but the inside was lovely and clean and the staff were really welcoming. I stayed in a 6-bed dorm which was spacious and even had a little balcony off the back.
Very cute, and cool too thanks to the giant fan and air conditioning!

I didn’t arrive in New Orleans until the evening so after making my bed and organising my things, I made the 30-45 minute walk to the French Quarter for dinner.

90_IMG_0040.jpg 90_IMG_0041.jpg
90_IMG_0042.jpg 90_IMG_0044.jpg
90_IMG_0045.jpg 90_IMG_0050.jpg
90_IMG_0051.jpg 90_IMG_0052.jpg
90_IMG_0053.jpg 90_IMG_0054.jpg
90_IMG_0055.jpg 90_IMG_0056.jpg
90_IMG_0057.jpg 90_IMG_0058.jpg

After sweating off about 40lbs(!) I started talking to a guy on Bourbon Street who suggested that I got a Po-Boy… I was intrigued so went up some stairs to a little restaurant and ordered a Shrimp Po-Boy and an iced tea.

Best. Shrimp. Ever.

I was presented with a toasted sandwich stuffed with lots of fat shrimp, lettuce and tomato, some fries and my own little pot of lemon mayonnaise – perfection!
I thought it would be strange eating alone, but I actually sort of enjoyed the quiet reflection time… and people watching, naturally.

Bourbon Street really is bar central and if your trip to New Orleans doesn’t require a street of neon signs and drunken gargoyles staggering around, it’s probably not somewhere you want to be at night…!

IMG_6637.jpg IMG_6631.jpg

I walked up and down different streets, but the French Quarter is basically a massive grid and after a while I felt like a pawn in a game of chess!
Eventually I got to Jackson Square and saw all the horse-drawn buggies and Café du Monde – home of the beignets!


One of my missions for New Orleans was to enjoy the French pastry-doughnut that is the beignet and as good luck would have it, I stumbled upon the most famous place to get them from!
3 beignets for $2.25 and a kilogram of powdered sugar later and I scuttled to a dark corner to avoid onlookers observing my ritualistic devouring of those powdered treats only to discover that my chosen scoffing-place was generally use as a beignets eating area, given the copious amounts of powdered sugar dusting all over the floor..!

For some reason, I couldn’t sleep (probably all that sugar!) so I was chatting to my students for a while before eventually admitting defeat around 2am.
I then woke up at 8am for no reason at all, so decided to head to Lafayette Cemetery to take some photos.
It was so peaceful and beautiful.

8F67634CC1EB550BE4A84CF7E0976844.jpg 270_8F68588407CE88F23F77EF11926CA3A1.jpg
270_8F6913D2ACEA876F8C2F8FF03430526B.jpg DSC_0159.jpg
DSC_0160.jpg 270_8F6B8021F4B298ACEEB2E00BD05FC90D.jpg
8F6C54F8C191E645BBB605AFD0854496.jpg 8F6D36F7AB8141B8B6294068FC2B13BB.jpg
270_DSC_0164.jpg 270_DSC_0165.jpg
8F6FDA87F32418364E5E6AC014474BB4.jpg 270_DSC_0167.jpg
270_8F71A543E322CFCEC7E0F37AC5CFCED2.jpg DSC_0169.jpg
270_DSC_0170.jpg 270_DSC_0171.jpg
DSC_0172.jpg 270_DSC_0173.jpg

A little light rain meant a quick lunch stop was necessary and then I went back to the hostel for a nap!
I woke up around 5pm and headed to the French Quarter again, had scrummy Creole Rabbit at Oliviers then walked around the French Quarter, stopping at Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo to satiate my mystique ways!

IMG_6645.jpg IMG_6633.jpg

To continue the theme, I sat with a lady near Jackson Square who did a tarot reading for me.
She told me I’m going through a solitary phase and doing more things for myself than constantly doing things to help others, she said all of my cards point to education, knowledge and wisdom and that I’d be an excellent teacher…
I’m taking that as a high five from the universe.
She also said that there would be a change this time next year that would see me venturing out on my own again which coincides with my new job next school year.
She was lovely and very down to earth, we had a great chat and I really enjoyed listening to her.
When in New Orleans!

I took the advice of my lonely planet guide and did my own walking tour of the French Quarter – before my tour could begin however, I stopped to appreciate the musical stylings of a jazz band who had set up in Jackson Square.

Whilst listening to their amazing music, I got chatting to a local guy which was nice – you forget what it’s like to talk to other people when you travel alone.
I like my own company but even so, the occasional conversation is welcomed.
I grabbed a quick bite before heading out into the 80% humidity and began my walk around the French Quarter.
Some of the buildings are really quite exquisite and I half expected people in 1920’s outfits to be exiting through the double doors under the looming balconies above.
Alas, this never came to pass but there was a cute trio of acapella singers in matching suits, complete with bow ties and wicker hats.
Very dapper!

I ended up in an old pharmacy with bottles and potions for everyday ailments and an interesting birthing suite, needless to say, I’m glad for the feats of modern medicine!

90_IMG_0059.jpg 90_IMG_0060.jpg
90_IMG_0061.jpg 90_IMG_0062.jpg
90_IMG_0063.jpg 90_IMG_0064.jpg
90_IMG_0065.jpg 90_IMG_0066.jpg
90_IMG_0067.jpg 90_IMG_0068.jpg
90_IMG_0069.jpg 90_IMG_0070.jpg
90_IMG_0071.jpg 90_IMG_0072.jpg
90_IMG_0073.jpg 180_IMG_0074.jpg
180_IMG_0075.jpg 90_IMG_0076.jpg
90_IMG_0077.jpg IMG_0078.jpg

I had a relatively early night, not for sleep, but for relaxing at the hostel.
I just chilled out in the courtyard with a cute Canadian-French couple for a while then watched a movie with one of the guys who worked in the hostel (Freddie).
Some girls from the UK moved into my dorm and we got chatting and decided to go for a drink just up the road.
I left them to get some food as I was starving but only managed a salad and a quarter Philly cheesesteak sandwich which found a new home in the fridge.
I also bought a homeless guy a shrimp sandwich and a bottle of water before heading back to the hostel;
everybody deserves food.

I booked a haunted tour with Witches Brews Tours for Wednesday evening so I knew I didn’t want to do a lot of walking during the day.
I got on a bus near the hostel to Canal St then hopped on the tram up to St Louis Cemetery No. 1 to visit Marie Laveau!

90_IMG_0174.jpg 90_IMG_0173.jpg
180_IMG_0172.jpg 90_IMG_0171.jpg
90_IMG_0083.jpg 90_IMG_0084.jpg
90_IMG_0085.jpg 90_IMG_0086.jpg

I met a lovely guy in Cambodia in January this year who told me to look him up in New Orleans so when I stumbled across his gallery, it seemed fated for us to meet up.
We had a good chat and arranged dinner and drinks for the following evening as I was walking with the spirits that evening!

So after chilling out with my little hostel family, I jumped on a bus into the French Quarter and arrived early enough to grab a quick bowl of gumbo at an Oyster bar on Royal Street where upon I informed my waiter/bar tender that I’d never had an oyster before when one ceremoniously appeared before me with crackers and hot sauce.
Now, I’d sat at the bar (as advised by my friends for travelling solo!) so I was surrounded by other people, all somewhat more accustomed to oyster-eating and yet upon receiving instructions on how to eat my (free) oyster and doing so successfully, I received a round of applause from my bar constituents!
I wish every ‘first’ in my life was applauded!

After my oyster experience (which far outdid my first gumbo experience!) I walked across the street to meet with my tour group for the Voodoo, Witches, Vampires and Ghosts tour around the French Quarter.
It was really interesting and definitely worth doing, even if I was sweating buckets by the end of it.
Even between 8 – 10pm it is crazy humid.

90_IMG_0099.jpg 90_IMG_0098.jpg
90_IMG_0097.jpg 90_IMG_0096.jpg
IMG_0095.jpg 90_IMG_0094.jpg
IMG_0090.jpg IMG_0089.jpg

Even got to see the Delphine LaLaurie house...!


Our guide was great, the right amount of funny and knowledgeable - a definite must for anyone visiting New Orleans and wanting a more in depth lesson on the darker history.

When I got back to the hostel, everyone was outside having drinks for Inci’s leaving do (a girl who worked at the hostel) so I joined the festivities including flip-cup and charades until I thought it best to go to bed, given that I had to be up at 8am the following day.


I really loved my stay at the Atlas House hostel and would 100% recommend it to anyone who wants a real family of travellers and the guys who run the hostel are the best, great to just chill and talk to about anything.

The following morning, I was up and ready to go around 8.30am, went to buy cheap (for the USA) cigarettes and waited at the hostel for my tour bus to arrive.
Around a 30 minutes drive later, we arrived at the Louisiana Swamps and climbed aboard our airboats for the next 2 hours.
Today was alligator day :D

The journey out to ‘gator territory was relatively slow until we hit open water and then our ‘captain’ cranked up the speed and I instantly understood why they’re called airboats – we barely touched the water!

We quickly got to the renowned Bayou and within seconds of turning off the motor, 3 or 4 crocs began sashaying towards the boat.
Thankfully, they weren’t people-eaters!
This happened pretty much every time we stopped, and our driver enticed them to the boat so we could get a closer look, and we even got to hold a baby gator!

IMG_0103.jpg 90_IMG_0104.jpg
90_IMG_0105.jpg IMG_0106.jpg
IMG_0108.jpg 90_IMG_0109.jpg
90_IMG_0110.jpg 90_IMG_0111.jpg
90_IMG_0112.jpg 90_IMG_0113.jpg
90_IMG_0114.jpg 90_IMG_0115.jpg
90_IMG_0116.jpg 90_IMG_0118.jpg
90_IMG_0119.jpg IMG_0120.jpg
90_IMG_0121.jpg IMG_0124.jpg
90_IMG_0125.jpg 90_IMG_0135.jpg
90_IMG_0137.jpg 180_IMG_0138.jpg
90_IMG_0139.jpg 90_IMG_0140.jpg
90_IMG_0141.jpg 90_IMG_0142.jpg 90_IMG_0143.jpg 90_IMG_0145.jpg
90_IMG_0146.jpg 90_IMG_0148.jpg
90_IMG_0150.jpg 90_IMG_0151.jpg
90_IMG_0152.jpg 90_IMG_0155.jpg
90_IMG_0164.jpg 90_IMG_0162.jpg
90_IMG_0160.jpg 90_IMG_0158.jpg
90_IMG_0167.jpg 90_IMG_0168.jpg
90_IMG_0169.jpg 90_IMG_0170.jpg

I was the only person on the boat without noise-cancelling headphones so by the time I got back to the hostel, my ears were so sensitive I could hear my eyes blinking!

I had a nap and then went into town to meet Kirt (from Cambodia) and his lovely friend Gabriel for dinner and drinks which was an absolute blast!
I do love good company for dinner!
A theme which continued the following day with lunch and dinner with the girls from the hostel with a quick tour in between.

We went to listen to some live music on Frenchman Street and Andy and Dave from the hostel met us at the Spotted Cat Music Club.

IMG_6639.jpg IMG_6640.jpg

My flight to Phoenix was at 5am the next day so I went back to the hostel at 9pm but got chatting to Freddie and then had to organise my life so I didn’t sleep until 11pm anyway!

Ah, New Orleans - you complete me.

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Summer in the USA

New York and Washington D.C.

sunny 30 °C

As my taxi barrelled down the highway to the airport, I couldn't help but think how incredibly lucky I am.
I was leaving on another holiday, having completed my second year of teaching in China and I was going to America for the first time ever!
So far, in the last 2 years, I've travelled around China where I'm inordinately lucky to live, I've been to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and America, and over the next year I'm going to Japan and India!

The first flight from Zhengzhou to Seoul was ok, Korean Air is comfortable enough and even though the trip was only 2 hours, I got a pretty good meal.
The issues began once I reached South Korea...

I had no money, so I asked where I could find an ATM and was informed that I had to go outside - on the plus side, I now have a south Korea stamp in my passport ^_^

After several attempts to withdraw some money, without success, I realised that once again, my bank had frozen my account.
Normally, this happens when I already have some money to pay for the international call to my bank, however on this occasion, I only had 50 yuan which, when converted, wasn't enough to even buy a phone card!

I painfully inserted coin after coin into the pay phone, got connected to my bank for a whole 10 seconds before the money ran out.
This happened a further 3 or 4 times before the cashier refused to give me any more coins.
I used what little change I had left to buy a pretzel and a bottle of water before giving up entirely.

I did get a free foot massage though which was nice!

5 hours later, I got onto my connecting flight and began my trip the wrong way around the world to the USA.

After a tediously long 13 hour flight with very little sleep and poorly edited films done and dusted, I topped up my UK phone online which now had signal and called my bank.
They unfroze my card while I was on the tarmac at JFK and by the time I'd discussed how short my little fingers are in comparison to my other fingers with the nice immigration officers, I found an ATM, hailed a cab and began my USA trip!

Now those of you who now me well enough will know, probably from personal experience, that I'm a natural mimic, especially of other people's accents... needless to say, when I asked where the ATM was, the NYC accent seeped into my brain, so much so, that when I told the taxi driver where I was going he said, "welcome back"...

Hanna Mantle: Citizen of the World!

I finally arrived at Shelly's house in Queens (after a somewhat uncomfortable conversation with my Bangledeshian driver about how much he hates his wife) to Shelly's mum, a hot shower and an air-conditioned room.

Over 24 hours later and 3 different time zones, I had arrived in New York! Boom!

I stayed awake until 1am to see Shelly when she got in from work and we had a little catch-up before going to bed.

By the time I'd woken up, Shelly had already left for work again and I had a hair appointment to get to!
I ordered a taxi and made my way to "Touch of Brazil" where another Michelle was waiting for me!
She was lovely and really looked after me.
I got highlights and a cut and it felt nice being able to actually discuss my hair with the person cutting it, unlike in China!

I desperately needed to buy some new clothes so I went down Steinway to the street of shops...
Oh my!
With my hair cut and that damn street, I must have spent at least $300!

I made my way back to Shelly's to await the arrival of Matt who arrived safe and sound around 3.30pm.
We had a brief catch-up, got ready and headed into Manhattan on the subway to meet Shelly at work.
We went to Pier 81 and got on the restaurant boat where Shelly works, went for a 30 minute cruise and had some dinner before heading to Union Square to meet Tanya for drinks.

IMG_6538.jpg IMG_6537.jpg
IMG_6536.jpg IMG_6535.jpg
IMG_6534.jpg IMG_6532.jpg

Union Square is a strange, eclectic mix of types of people - hipsters and street performers, students and working people enjoying a break in the setting sun, and people eagerly awaiting an opponent for their chess game, set up with crates and stools and even office chairs to sit on and enjoy a game.

IMG_6533.jpg IMG_6539.jpg
IMG_6544.jpg IMG_6547.jpg

We went to the oldest pub in NYC where they only sold light and dark ales and I managed to go to the toilet in the men’s...!


We walked around a little more until we went into a seemingly innocuous hot-dog shop until Mish stepped inside a phone booth in the shop, picked up the receiver and pressed a button when all of a sudden, the back of the phone booth opened, revealing a speak-easy from the prohibition era!
Very cool.
We waited for a few minutes before being seated in a booth in the living-room sized bar, hidden away from the rest of society.
The drinks were so strong we could only sip them and then moved on to the next place.
We stopped at the Sin Palace to check out the decor, only to be accosted by a drunk man who insisted he was from Liverpool and liked kissing strangers on the neck apparently...!
(I can still feel his stubble!)

We ended up in a Dominican and Mexican restaurant, Matt and I being the only Caucasians in there and had midnight nachos before clambouring into a cab and heading home.

The next day we woke up late but early enough to enjoy pancakes, crispy bacon and eggs over easy for breakfast and then went to Metro PCS to get me an American phone for my travels.
We bought some snacks and then made our way to Chinatown to get the bus to Washington D.C.

IMG_6542.jpg IMG_6548.jpg
IMG_6550.jpg IMG_6553.jpg
IMG_6554.jpg IMG_6558.jpg

After 5 or 6 hours we arrived in D.C, went to our hotel, and then made our way to the White House.


D.C. is so different to New York, a third of the people and so clean it was almost like nobody went outside.
We walked around the lit up monuments surrounding the White House until pangs of hunger overwhelmed us, so we made our way to Adams Morgan to get some food and drinks.
We went to a soul food bar called Madam's Organ and it was amazing.
The decor looked like the inside of my wildest imagination; dark reds and blacks, random items handing from the ceiling and the walls, dark, shadowy corners with little tea-lights providing minimal light and crooked staircases leading to tiny balconies.
We order dinner and enjoyed cocktail and the live band before admitting defeat and heading back to our comfy hotel beds for some much needed rest.

IMG_6552.jpg IMG_6546.jpg
IMG_6543.jpg 834913F9FB1230DF0511593F83B1F226.jpg

The next day, we checked out of our swanky apartment and headed for the open-top bus tour. My bag was so heavy, still not sure why, so the bus was a welcome break from carrying it around.

We travelled around D.C. learning interesting information and hopping off and back on again whenever we felt like exploring things a bit closer.
We even got a free ticket to Madam Tussauds with our bus ticket, so we went to have a look and took some pictures with our new friends.

835CC800DF70B3189B0DDB0E22C6CA20.jpg 835DCBC8AD1472FB73063012B417811D.jpg
270_DSC_0014.jpg 835FC722FE8CD4F43E6300677CAC30B9.jpg
8360E16094AC0C8DE99EF9E8DD91866B.jpg DSC_0020.jpg
DSC_0021.jpg 8363AB3CBE6481FA7C7AE5920C999EC1.jpg
270_83649CC9A5F7F9724BEF361AEFC68280.jpg 83659699E3AE5F15A1FC09D5D8296099.jpg
8366F8E00C6C03360DBD12C991CFB5A8.jpg 270_DSC_0028.jpg
270_8368E9BEFC3C1CDDB485EA1ED8AE0EFE.jpg 270_DSC_0030.jpg
DSC_0031.jpg 270_DSC_0032.jpg
837763E0E6ECA10B762D7FDD8BAAAA86.jpg 270_DSC_0034.jpg
270_DSC_0035.jpg 837A28E1D6505608EB4F66506BE6D688.jpg
270_837B193EA6F45759EC77A7CD661FC498.jpg 270_837C114D06D4C4B0260B0A133B78469E.jpg
IMG_6545.jpg IMG_6556.jpg

We stopped for a bagel and to see Mr. Lincoln before heading to Chinatown for sushi and Chinese food (of which I ate only Sushi as Chinese food is my normal food every day!)

270_837D14D4A058F3A25286E1FDD70800F1.jpg IMG_6563.jpg
DSC_0068.jpg 270_83AA7175E874FEDC83B365C3FE6F30D6.jpg
83A93B57AD94AE26D02D0616B5B41B75.jpg 83A850D1A596F6CA7242787F431E6D98.jpg
270_83A75F10098D484D7297E0D384C6011A.jpg 83A64DBEF8D835C001163D82A2AA4238.jpg
83A53895BDCE52AE0AC26F3D32E74CC1.jpg DSC_0044.jpg
90_83A35315C339955B09E8497112D07306.jpg 83A23788F7E9EAF3F0A947328FAAEF4C.jpg

We waited for the bus back to NYC and all 3 of us pretty much passed out until the bus got to Philadelphia and we perked up a bit until reaching NYC.

On Sunday, Michelle had to work a double so Matt and I ventured our alone.
We stopped at a cafe on 52nd st near the subway and had Philly Cheesesteaks for lunch - oh my yummy!
We then hopped on the subway into Manhattan and up to the National History Museum.
We got a little confused with the express trains but eventually got to the museum 2.5 hours before it closed.
The most confusing layout of a museum, ever!
We gave up trying to use the map and just walked around until we found something of interest.

When we left the museum, we were opposite Central Park, so we grabbed a hot-dog and a giant pretzel and entered the most beautiful inner-city park I've ever seen.
Green and water as far as the eye could see, the tops of building only just visible overhead.
We found the Angel fountain and the Home Alone bridge and Matt got selected to participate in a street performance act - so good!

83CFF9EFEE141ABE5610D897A0BA380B.jpg 396.jpg
83CEB4B4A46AB26E815A4AD933D7214C.jpg 324.jpg
IMG_6566.jpg large_708.jpg
IMG_6565.jpg IMG_6568.jpg

After walking around Central Park for hours, we got on the nearest subway and headed to Times Square.
Holy moly, that was a busy area!

83E815EAB742CCB5E2759098E2635F5F.jpg 397.jpg
IMG_6567.jpg IMG_6572.jpg
IMG_6573.jpg IMG_6574.jpg

We bought some postcards and souvenirs, including some very fetching "I love NYC" jammies for me before attempting dinner at the Olive Garden.
It was so busy that we gave up and decided instead to try and get to Little Italy, which also proved too difficult without Michelle to guide us, so we stopped in "Hoomoos" and had a quick bite for dinner before heading back to Queens.


I had the most mouth-watering falafel and humus pita, I can't even describe how tasty it was!
Everyone deserves to eat this food at some point in their lives.

Monday came and went without much to report.
We had a lie-in, then Mish went to work so Matt and I had bagels and cannolies then chilled out.
We all went for pizza at an Italian place near Mish's house and had an early night.

The next day we ventured out to the Bronx to visit the zoo - it is truly incredible that there is so much green and land not occupied by buildings in New York.
The zoo was great, quite a trek as you walk around the whole place (and it's huge!).
All of the enclosures are big, green and open and the animals look healthy and well-cared for.
As zoos go, I was really impressed with the treatment of the animals, less so with the prices of food and drink, but it's to be expected.
Overall, a definite trip for all ages.

In the evening, we met up with Shelly's friend Gallie at Caracas in Williamsburg and had the best plantains I've ever eaten and these amazing arepas which were like goodness stuffed corn bread pouches! mmmmmmm! So good.


We then went to a rooftop bar in the Wythe Hotel and took in the fantastic views of Manhattan at night, before walking around Williamsburg, taking in the hipster collective that has gentrified Williamsburg and created a hipster ghetto!
We went to a gay bar with barely anyone in it before heading back to the main street to enjoy our first ever tacos from a taco truck and a disgracefully chocolaty milkshake (which I later regurgitated..... stupid lactose intolerance!)
We had a sleepy taxi ride home and crawled into bed.
Good times!

We’d pre-booked tickets to the Statue of Liberty online, so after a quick breakfast, we jumped on the 7 train to Times Square, transferred to the 1 train to South Ferry and walked the short distance to the cruise ships.
We passed through security with ease and made our way onto the top deck of the boat.

84153E7FA0C0F76615BCC4B38F18244D.jpg 270_DSC_0084.jpg
DSC_0082.jpg DSC_0081.jpg

As we approached Liberty Island we snapped away, taking in the glory of Lady Liberty before docking and collecting our free audio tours for a closer, more in-depth experience.
I love audio tours, you can do everything at your own pace, skip things and choose extra options to listen to.
I found it particularly interesting that women were not allowed to attend the unveiling ceremony of this magnificent structure, despite the fact that this 93 metre high statue signified freedom and liberty and is of course, a woman…

After admiring Lady Liberty, we got back on the ferry and headed to Ellis Island to try and find any ancestors who came to America – I found a potential family member, but it probably isn’t!


I enjoy the idea that we could have relatives all over the world and none of us know about each other; keeps things interesting!
We stopped for food before getting on the ferry one last time to go back to Manhattan.

We hopped back on the 1 train and went to the 9/11 memorial, Wall Street and the Stock Exchange.
I like to think that the giant, perpetually revolving water of the 9/11 memorial signifies the constant movement but ultimate reincarnation of life and that people can never truly be gone or forgotten as they are reborn and re-join our lives over and over again.
That might just be me, but I take comfort in that notion.

842F5BB6AD89C9F56DE216B0F3EE43B9.jpg IMG_6570.jpg
IMG_6575.jpg IMG_6579.jpg

Once again, we headed to the waterfront, this time to get on the Staten Island Ferry as we went to watch the Yankees play baseball!
It seemed fitting that we partake in this American pastime, plus we got a free cap, bobble head, Yankee Stadium figurine, a hot dog and a drink with the ticket AND I got a baseball from the game!

IMG_6588.jpg IMG_6585.jpg
84672868D551ADDECF44AD45AA4FBCC6.jpg DSC_0086.jpg
84692439FEF4E6A9076FFB742B3E3D75.jpg 846A1747D7F9784E74AD25335FD67767.jpg
DSC_0093.jpg 846BFC6DE6C634EB5D316A860204F88B.jpg
846CF11EF7C0331CC30406135455D72D.jpg 8466BAE209BBF643C0FC621A342A1A87.jpg
846610DCE27D816F52514000C74D4F14.jpg 487.jpg
846DE6E7A9E647D4000DBC783FA1A2C0.jpg DSC_0107.jpg

About half way through the game, the heavens opened and a killer thunderstorm was unleashed above us, effectively ending the game, and forcing us to wearily make our way back to Shelly’s where we promptly crawled into bed and went to sleep!
The following day, we enjoyed another American pastime – going to the Laundromat! ^_^

Everyone should go to the Laundromat! $3 to do all your washing and drying?
We waited for Mish to get her nails done and then we rented a car for a few hours with Zipcars – you can rent a car from them hourly and it’s not very expensive at all, we went for Greek food and then went to Roosevelt Island between Queens and Manhattan.

IMG_6592.jpg IMG_6594.jpg
IMG_6593.jpg IMG_6584.jpg
IMG_6582.jpg IMG_6589.jpg
IMG_6603.jpg IMG_6602.jpg
IMG_6599.jpg IMG_6595.jpg

We walked from one end to the other, saw the northern lighthouse and the abandoned smallpox hospital at the southern point.
From Roosevelt Island we could see the PepsiCola sign in the distance and decided to try to get to it.
We found it in Long Island City and walked around there for a while before heading back.

84A303CAC4676337B48DCF675F8F521B.jpg IMG_6590.jpg

Mish let me practise driving an automatic on the let (which I’d never done) in preparation for when I would rent a car here later on and it was breeze.
I’ve missed driving!
We gave the car back and then went with Mish’s mum to a Colombian restaurant in Jackson Heights where we all shared 2 plates as they were so huge!


Portion size here is out of control!
We walked back to Mish’s and say on the front porch for an hour just talking and enjoying the cool night air before bed.

Friday morning, Matt and I put on our walking shoes, grabbed a bagel and got on the 7 train to Manhattan.
We got off at Grand Central to take some photos and then went down to 33rd street to get to the Empire State building.
We knew to get there early and it’s lucky that we did!
We arrived around 10am and it was already quite busy but when we left around 11.30, people were queueing out the door!
We got tickets for both the 86th and 102nd observatories and the views were truly spectacular.
Matt and I are now members of the 102 elite; or so the elevator informed us, not like some weird sex thing.
Unfortunately, there was no King Kong but we later found him chilling in the gift shop.

DSC_0123.jpg 270_84BC1DBFCC89094691074BAFB2950BB9.jpg
DSC_0125.jpg DSC_0129.jpg
DSC_0130.jpg DSC_0131.jpg
84C134D3979FC0807CD8C1C3EC2C3D34.jpg 84C25FD9DFB3314D87BEFC3519DB3153.jpg
84C375C50CD60D384FCDE280DCA87611.jpg 84C4D23FE4E95FCD4FF67C46A212F19F.jpg
84C635DE00A4D42760661C814B878394.jpg 84C7B13B0CA4454654AB2A5F15698145.jpg
DSC_0138.jpg DSC_0139.jpg
DSC_0140.jpg DSC_0141.jpg
DSC_0142.jpg DSC_0143.jpg
DSC_0144.jpg DSC_0145.jpg
DSC_0146.jpg DSC_0147.jpg
DSC_0148.jpg DSC_0149.jpg
DSC_0150.jpg DSC_0151.jpg
270_DSC_0152.jpg DSC_0153.jpg
84EB5EB6F6E4D25E32A15A1ADC71D81A.jpg DSC_0155.jpg

After we left the Empire State building, we made the arduous trek up 5th Avenue…!
So. Many. Pretties…!
We had 2 missions – find the Apple Store for Matt and Tiffanys for me!
I bought a beautiful little necklace with the Tiffanys lock on it and squealed like a little girl when she handed me that turquoise gift bag with the turquoise box and white ribbon inside.
I’ve never been very girly, but when I had that gift bag in my and, I felt like Audrey Hepburn!
It was love at first sparkle!

1157.jpg IMG_6488.jpg
IMG_6596.jpg IMG_6606.jpg

We went to the Apple Store so Matt could buy an IPad and had to swiftly leave before I did the same!

We grabbed a sandwich in this narrow but amazing coffee shop where I bought a man his coffee as it was cash only and he only had his card, hopefully he paid it forward like he promised!

IMG_6608.jpg IMG_6605.jpg

We sat in Central Park and ate our lunch then began the trek to Macy’s, past the Plaza hotel and some dandelion fountains until we saw it; Macy’s!
I just wanted something from Macy’s so I bought a scarf in the sale which I got a further 10% off just for being a tourist and some make-up from the Benefit counter before running away from the expensive pretties!

Matt wanted to go to the highline which is a disused railway line that has been converted into a walkway garden.


So we went there and walked along this natural overpass above the city bustle below, blissfully enjoying the shade that buildings and plants provided before heading back to Shelly’s for a rest.

We chilled at home for a few hours or so before getting ready and heading back into Manhattan to Theatre Row to watch Naked Boys Singing.
We were thoroughly impressed – it was excellent!
7 beautiful guys in all their natural beauty singing a mix of heartfelt ballads and comical gems. Fun was had by all!

8537C014FF82847C2889ABBEAA3C11AD.jpg IMG_6626.jpg

The next day was a chilled day, I went to the shop to buy a hung-over Mish some ice tea and ginger ale and then we had a big BBQ on the porch with Sangria and just relaxed into the evening with a new, furry friend.
In the morning, we met up with Gallie for IHOP breakfast…… oh my pancakes!
They really shouldn’t write the calories for each dish on the menu…!
Your whole daily allowance in one meal!


After breakfast, we went to the cinema to watch Maleficent – so good!
Mish went to work so Matt and I headed to Bushwick for a free music festival only to arrive and find there was nothing happening. Sad face.

IMG_6612.jpg IMG_6613.jpg

Monday came around again with Matt and I venturing to Brooklyn to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan.
We walked up through Chinatown and into Little Italy for lunch.

IMG_6559.jpg IMG_6614.jpg
IMG_6615.jpg IMG_6616.jpg
IMG_6617.jpg IMG_6618.jpg

After spaghetti meatballs and cocktails, we ventured uptown a little further to Central Park and stopped into Eve’s Garden to buy some toys unavailable (without embarrassment in China) then went into Central Park to try and find the zoo… which was closing in half and hour…! Boo!
We admitted defeat and headed back to Michel’s, ordered some sushi and vegged out for the evening.

IMG_6630.jpg IMG_6632.jpg

On Tuesday, we went for breakfast, then got on the subway for the long journey to Coney Island.
Now I know why it took the Warriors from the seminal 1979 movie so long to get home, and we weren’t even being chased by rival gangs!
We arrived in Coney Island and were greeted by the most classic Theme Park I’ve ever seen; Wonderwheel, a ghost train, games to win toys (competed in successfully by us, I might add!) and seconds away from the boardwalk and beach.

IMG_6619.jpg IMG_6620.jpg
IMG_6621.jpg IMG_6623.jpg
IMG_6624.jpg IMG_6625.jpg

We stayed and played for hours, had Nathan’s famous hot dogs for lunch and continued playing until around 5pm.

We stopped in a cool artsy store and bought some things before getting back on the subway and napping until we got to downtown Brooklyn, changed trains, hopped in a transfer shuttle bus and got back on the train into Queens. Matt and I got off one stop early for Wendy’s (an apparent ‘must-have’ dining experience!) then walked back to Shelly’s to find Gary (Shelly’s now husband, but fiancé at the time!) had arrived safely from Ireland!
Matt left the following day, so Mish, Gary and I went to the Cinema and then I left early the next morning…

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Vietnamese Cooking... the recipes!

I apologise for the wait....!

As promised, here are the recipes and instructions for the food we learned how to make at cafe 43.

Steamed Chicken in Banana Leaf

1 tsp smashed ginger
1/2 white onion
1/4 red pepper
bunch spring onions
small handful of sesame seeds
1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp sugar
1 tsp garlic
1 x tin foil piece
1 x banana leaf
200g chicken fillet - thin slices, no bones.

1. Add the garlic, pepper, salt and sugar to the chicken and mix together - leave for 3 minutes
2. Slice red pepper into thin slices.
3. Quarter, then halve the onion and peel each slice
3. In 2 tsp oil (coconut or olive), add the ginger and stir for few seconds.
4. Add the chicken and stir for 1 minute.
5. Add the onion slices and red pepper slices and cook for 3 minutes
6. Put mixture into the centre of the banana leaf
7. Add the spring onions and sesame seeds
8. Fold leaf from corner to centre x 4
9. Wrap banana leaf parcel in tin foil
10. Steam it for 5 minutes on top of another banana leaf/in a wicker (duck pancake) steamer.


Papaya Salad

1 cup of mint
1/2 cup of peanuts
1/2 cup of fried onion bits
1 tsp ginger
1/2 lemon
1/2 green mango
1/4 green papaya
1/2 carrot
1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp salt
3 1/4 tsp sugar
100g minced shrimp (chopped very small)

1. Add garlic, pepper, salt and sugar (1/4) to shrimp
2. 2 tbsp oil in the pan - add the shrimp mixture - stir for 3 minutes
3. Grate carrot and papaya into long slices
4. Wash and drain
5. Add 3 tsp sugar, ginger and lemon juice to carrot and papaya - leave for 3 minutes
6. Peel skin from 1/2 mango and grate like carrot and papaya
7. Squeeze excess liquid from papaya and carrots
8. Add shrimp mixture, mit, onion and peanuts to the remaining ingredients and mix together gently

  • Tip - Use some prawn crackers as bowls and enjoy


and the main event!

Pork filled fried squid

1 x squid (whole, with innards removed and washed)
1/2 white onion
1/4 carrot
bunch of spring onions
100g minced pork
chopped garlic
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp sugar
vegetable oil

1. Add garlic, pepper, salt, and sugar to pork - mix - leave for 4 minutes


2. Cut and dice onion into thin slices
3. Cut and dice carrot into thin slices
4. Chop small spring onion

5. 2 tbsp vegetable oil into hot pan
6. Add pork mixture and stir for 1 minute
7. Add white onion and carrot
8. Cook until soft and then add spring onion
9. Stir for 3 minutes on a low heat
10. Using a long-handled teaspoon, spoon pork mixture inside the squid and push down (tight!)

  • The squid is super slippery, so nails help to grip it!*

11. Use 2 toothpicks to close (should look like $ from a birdseye view!)
12. 2 tbsp oil into pan and add squid - medium heat
13. Turns brown on cooking side, turn over to brown other side
14. Serve on bed of lettuce and cut the top of the squid (with scissors) into slices but not all the way through!
15. It should look a little like sushi rolls, as long as it was compacted enough before shallow frying.

  • Tip - make a dipping sauce out of 1/2 tsp black pepper, 1 tsp salt, and the juice of a small lime!



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Mui Ne, Hoi An (and My Son, Hoi An)

semi-overcast 25 °C

It was dark when we arrived at the bus office in Mui Ne, barely any lights were on in nearby buildings and the only people that seemed to be around were those that had been on the bus with us or were waiting to get on.
A little walk down the road was all it took to find our hostel.
The dozing guard soon regained consciousness to open the petite, I suspect merely decorative, waist-high gate and showed us to the reception.
We collected our door and locker keys and were shown to our very crowded 12 bed room, trying to make as little noise as possible to not wake our new roommates.
The next day, nearly everyone had checked out so we got some lunch in a restaurant across the road then headed to the pool, metres away from the beach.


We stayed there basically all afternoon, indulding in juvenile swimming challenges and just chilling out.
We made friends with two lovely ladies from England, Alison and Becks, and spent the remainder of our time in Mui Ne hanging out with them and one of there friends.

90_20140209_225426.jpg 90_20140209_224120.jpg 20140209_174900.jpg

We had dinner, breakfast and then dinner again with them and didn't do much else!
More hours at the pool were logged than anything else, and then we all left on the same day.
There wasn't masses to do in Mui Ne, at least not where we were, but we appreciated that.

Hoi An

We got on the bus to Hoi An on the Monday at 1pm and arrived Tuesday morning around 6am.
We had a nap midday as we didn't get a lot of sleep on the over-night bus, then we went out for some food.
Our hostel gave us a map and we were off.

The streets of Hoi An reminded me of a place I went to in Beijing, only pretty much every shop was for tailor made clothes or shoes!

DSC_0703.jpg DSC_0702.jpg
270_DSC_0701.jpg DSC_0700.jpg
DSC_0699.jpg DSC_0704.jpg
DSC_0707.jpg DSC_0710.jpg
DSC_0712.jpg 270_DSC_0715.jpg
DSC_0716.jpg 270_DSC_0722.jpg

Ricky found some cowboy boots that he wanted made to measure, and I found a beautiful, Chinese style top that I too had tailor-made just for me.
It's quite a novelty having clothes made specifically for you.
It's not the same when you do it yourself!

We booked a tour of My Son for the following day and arranged a cooking course across the road in Cafe 43 for after, and then we met up with a new friend and had dinner together.

DSC_0732.jpg DSC_0733.jpg
DSC_0734.jpg 270_DSC_0735.jpg
270_DSC_0736.jpg 270_DSC_0737.jpg
270_DSC_0738.jpg DSC_0739.jpg
270_DSC_0740.jpg 270_DSC_0741.jpg
DSC_0742.jpg DSC_0743.jpg
270_DSC_0744.jpg DSC_0746.jpg
270_DSC_0747.jpg 270_DSC_0748.jpg
DSC_0750.jpg 270_DSC_0751.jpg
270_DSC_0753.jpg DSC_0755.jpg
DSC_0756.jpg DSC_0757.jpg
DSC_0760.jpg DSC_0761.jpg
DSC_0763.jpg DSC_0764.jpg
270_DSC_0766.jpg 270_DSC_0773.jpg
DSC_0774.jpg DSC_0775.jpg
DSC_0776.jpg DSC_0777.jpg
DSC_0778.jpg DSC_0779.jpg
DSC_0780.jpg DSC_0781.jpg
DSC_0782.jpg DSC_0784.jpg

After we were made aware of some issues with Ricky's Chinese visa, it put a dark cloud over our visit, but nevertheless we went to our cooking course anyway and were taught and made Pork Stuffed Squid, Banana Leaf Baked Chicken and Papaya Salad.... yummy!
(Recipe and instructions to follow in another blog!)

20140212_163749.jpg 20140212_172201.jpg
20140212_175536.jpg 20140212_175349.jpg

My back was hurting so I went for a massage, and although relaxing, resulted in a massive peeling symptom to occur as I got sunburned pretty badly in Mui Ne :(

Oh well, went to Moe's Tavern for a drink and some pool to top off an overall quite enjoyable day.

DSC_0728.jpg DSC_0729.jpg
DSC_0730.jpg DSC_0731.jpg

Hoi An may well be my favourite place in Vietnam!

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(Sorry for the delay!)

sunny 30 °C

We got royally screwed by a taxi driver, paying $7 instead of the $1.50 it should have cost, but we were greeted with smiles and open arms by The Town House 50E hostel, Ho Chi Minh City - very nice after a long journey!

We put our stuff away and showered before we got talking to Johnny (friendliest, most kind and helpful employee I've ever encountered).
He helped us to book an open bus ticket so we could get up Vietnam, getting on and off at our chosen destinations/pre-booked accommodation; he helped us to book a tour to the Cu Chi Vietcong Tunnels which gave us the Vietnamese account of the intrusion of American forces.
We befriended a lovely couple who became our day-trip buddies which was fun.

Naturally we went to a factory place before we got to the Cu Chi Tunnels, to buy a drink or a snack or perhaps an 8ft carving.....?!
As tedious as these planned shopping opportunities were, this place and the skills required to create these beautiful pieces was quite interesting.

20140207_095130.jpg 90_20140207_095137.jpg
20140207_095142.jpg 20140207_095149.jpg

When we first arrived at the Cu Chi Tunnels, we watched a short documentary about the war.
Obviously we were brought up knowing about the Vietnam war, but it was incredibly interesting to hear the other side of the story.
This video spoke about war heroes of Vietnam based on how many American intruders were killed.
It described how these simple villagers used their farming and land knowledge to lay animal traps for the American troops and after the video concluded, we were shown some of these traps!
They are quite brutal (naturally!), but when untrained 'soldiers' were facing highly adept troops, the designs of these traps were truly revolutionary in warfare.

Bamboo was fully utilised providing hidden underground spikes under moving boards; ventilation and airways in man-made anthills for the tunnels they lived in underground; and as crockery to cook and store sticky rice. By using the forest they'd lived in their whole lives, they knew how to survive, protect themselves and avoid getting killed - they even cannabolised the US bombs and shells to make new weapons.

20140207_112641.jpg 20140207_112637.jpg
90_20140207_114642.jpg 90_20140207_114543.jpg
20140207_114508.jpg 20140207_114450.jpg

Ricky bravely went in a hidden hole into the tunnels that I wouldn't have got a leg in and secured the camouflaged roof above him.
We didn't even know it was there until our guide pulled off the top!

90_20140207_112036.jpg 90_20140207_112043.jpg
20140207_112154.jpg 20140207_112201.jpg

We walked around (on the path, for fear of unrecovered landmines!) lerning more information as we did so. There was an opportunity to fire an M16 or AK47, but neither of us was so inclined as the noise was unsettling enough!

We made our way to the tunnel entrance and descended into the dimly lit chamber preceeding the tunnel itself.
It was small, stupid remark I know, but it was.
I thought we'd have to crawl but we ended up doing weird half stoop/half dog-on-it's-bum shuffling.
I had my knees bent a little and my back was brushing the roof of the tunnel.
I managed to go a whole 20 metres before imagining scenarios of my getting trapped and dying before escaping up top through a side tunnel.
Ricky and our day-trip friends "mmm" and Adrian continued and apparently it got quite squeezy in some places.
I'm still proud of my 20 metres with nothing but the torch I luckily had in my bag, (I probably wouldn't have fit a few years ago!)

20140207_111909.jpg 20140207_111914.jpg
90_20140207_112938.jpg 20140207_113926.jpg

After the full 200 metre tunnel system available to tourist, Ricky, Mmm and Adrian emerged, hot, sweaty and a little dusty, but generally not too worse for wear!

We walked back to the minibus contemplating the lives these people must have lived underground, knowing that in this day and age, we wouldn't be able to.

We got back to Saigon and said goodbye to our day-trip friends before heading back to the hostel to wait for the bus to Mui Ne.
We left around 8.30pm and arrived in Mui Ne at 1.30am......

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Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Into the jungle, into the temples of Angkor and into the shoes of Lara Croft....

sunny 35 °C

Oh my night bus!
We booked a sleeper bus from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap (11.5 hrs) from 8pm at $19 each...
After some very poor (but stereotypically Asian) management, we found 2 "beds" together and nestled in for the night.

To describe our arrangement as slave-ship-like was not untoward.
It was like a human-traffickers wet-dream.
2 to a bed, approximately 24 beds (so 48 people) all lying down with an incline of the equivalent of two pillows jutting upwards at the head of the bed; aircon-circle-thingies pointing in every direction except where we wanted them; the smells of the onboard "luxury" toilet (which may as well have been a hole looking down to the erratically passing "tarmac") and peoples' foot odour kept wafting around; the gentlemen in front of me not fully comprehending the "sleep" concept of "sleeping" bus by using a torch to read a book - the type of torch used to find Rose on that door after the Titanic sank, a torch which lit up the bus like the 4th of July; and of course, the moth-eaten, damp and musty smelling blanket that provided less warmth than an ant's fart could provide wind.

However, contrary to popular Cambodian locals' belief, we in fact did not die in a firey, horrendous crash, so our blessings were truly counted.

We arrived in Siem Reap around 7:30am and were slightly perturbed to discover our driver from the Panda Guest House was in fact, not waiting for us, leaving us at the mercy of the piranha-esque shoals of tuk-tuk drivers, thirsty for their next fare.
We arrived in one piece but $6 lighter at our hostel and were pleasantly surprised.
A well-kept building with a healthy white exterior and pleasantly decorated interior, and helpful informative staff who supplied us with everything we could possibly need to get the most from our stay.
We even arrived a day early, and although they had no rooms available, they went out of their way to find us a room for the night nearby.

A lot of travellers complain about hostel-organised tours, but to be honest, it saves a lot of time and effort and you get above and beyond service.
It may be a few dollars above other places or going it alone, but I'd rather pay the extra and have some piece of mind that a jewellery or silk shop bombardment isn't lurking around the corner...!

Anyway, our room for one night was very nice and spacious with a large balcony and good views and only a stones throw away from the Panda Guest House.


We ventured into town for some lunch, and as Ricky had been craving Mexican food in Sihanoukville, when we saw a Mexican Restaurant, our decision was made for us!


It wasn't the best in the world but good enough.
We walked around for a while but it was quite hot and my legs hadn't quite recovered so we went into the covered market and spent ages bartering for various things.
Ricky sold me to one of the female stall owners at one point, she hugged me and said I was the best purchase ever and super skinny!
I liked her! haha!
After that, I dropped my dirty clothes off at a local laundry place and had a nap.

We went for dinner at The Sun where I had a Caesar Salad with chicken as my tummy wasn't very happy with me so I didn't want to overload it.
We then made our way round the corner to Pub Street.
Aptly named, given the vast expanse of pubs and drinking holes lining both sides of the street.
We went to the Triangle to enjoy some singing and Linga for a drag show before heading to Temple to enjoy a street party.
It felt like Mardi Gras!!


I left after that but once again, Ricky danced the night away. I think the 75 cents draft beer may have been having a bad influence on him!

The next day we checked out of our temporary accommodation and went across the road to Angkor Wonder for breakfast and to see Mr. Whynot - ask him anything, his response will probably be "Why not?!"
We had some food and were about to leave with all of our bags when Mr. Whynot asked if we'd like a free tuk-tuk to our other hostel as it was only down the road and we had all our stuff with us.
We asked if he was sure that was ok, and his reply?
Why not!
Such a nice man!

We got to the Panda Guest House (again!) and went up to our room - lovely.
2 large, comfy, twin beds, a desk, a fan, ensuite bathroom with a hot shower and really well decorated.
This place was perfect - quiet during the day and night but only a 10 minute walk to Pub Street and the markets, etc.
Very impressed.

Ricky wanted Indian food, so we set off out again and headed towards the restaurants.
Ricky, having worked in an Indian restaurant for a while, was not overly impressed, but I thought my food was quite nice...!

I'd been having toothache for a few days by this point and I didn't really want to wait until we got home to China to get it looked at, so I asked the hostel if they could recommend a place.
They didn't know anywhere at first, but with some research online and a quick phone call later, they found one and arranged a tuk-tuk to take me there.

You can imagine my fears and ideas about the hole in the wall, back-alley "dentist" I was unknowingly being taken to but actually, I think it was the nicest dentist I'd ever been to in the UK - It was clean and well-presented, the staff spoke English and didn't mind at all that I'd just dropped in without an appointment.
10 minutes or so of waiting and in I went - good sized room, clean, modern equipment, and a dentist (always good!).
Long story short, and only a little wimpering later, I had gained two fillings and lost only $20 for the priviledge.
Much better.
My dentist visit of course left me without my nap so after dinner of crocodile fritters and an unpleasant burger and Amok fish, I went back to the hostel.
Ricky came back around 5am.

The next day we didn't really do a lot, slept in, went for walk, got some lunch then went for drinks in the Triangle as they had double beds hanging from the ceiling with small tables in the middle for drinks and food to go on.
We stayed there for a good few hours before returning to our hostel to go to dinner and an Apsara Dance show.
It was a buffet-style meal and after 2 plates of various worldly cuisine, Ricky and I were both stuffed, so we waited for the show to begin.
It was pretty interesting; traditional clothes and a story or two told through the dances.

DSC_0348.jpg DSC_0349.jpg
DSC_0350.jpg DSC_0351.jpg
DSC_0354.jpg DSC_0357.jpg
DSC_0358.jpg DSC_0359.jpg
DSC_0360.jpg DSC_0361.jpg
DSC_0362.jpg DSC_0363.jpg
DSC_0364.jpg DSC_0365.jpg

That finished around 8:30pm and we went straight back to the hostel as we had an early start the following day...


Angkor Wat; the Temples, Flooded Forest and Floating Village

Our day started abruptly at 5am.
We got into the tuk-tuk with our driver for the day and still in the darkness of night, we made our way to Angkor Wat for sunrise.
We had to wait an hour or so and although not mind-blowing, the sun rising over this giant monument of a past civilisation was quite impressive.

DSC_0375.jpg DSC_0379.jpg
DSC_0380.jpg DSC_0381.jpg
DSC_0404.jpg DSC_0406.jpg

As soon as the sun had risen, we made our way inside and the "don't get anyone in my photos" game began...

DSC_0408.jpg DSC_0409.jpg
270_DSC_0411.jpg 270_DSC_0413.jpg
DSC_0414.jpg DSC_0415.jpg
DSC_0416.jpg 270_DSC_0417.jpg
270_DSC_0418.jpg 270_DSC_0419.jpg
270_DSC_0420.jpg 270_DSC_0421.jpg
270_DSC_0422.jpg 270_DSC_0423.jpg
270_DSC_0424.jpg 270_DSC_0425.jpg
270_DSC_0426.jpg 270_DSC_0427.jpg
270_DSC_0428.jpg 270_DSC_0430.jpg
270_DSC_0431.jpg 270_DSC_0432.jpg
DSC_0433.jpg DSC_0434.jpg
DSC_0435.jpg 270_DSC_0436.jpg
270_DSC_0437.jpg DSC_0438.jpg
DSC_0439.jpg DSC_0440.jpg
DSC_0441.jpg DSC_0442.jpg
270_DSC_0443.jpg DSC_0444.jpg
DSC_0445.jpg 270_DSC_0447.jpg

Our tuk-tuk driver dropped us off at each place and told us where he'd be waiting for us.
We explored the various nooks and crannies and even got duped into buying incense for "good luck" (a fact, that would later, become painfully ironic!)
We moved on from temple to temple, each time the temperature climbed higher and higher...

DSC_0455.jpg DSC_0457.jpg
270_DSC_0458.jpg DSC_0448.jpg
270_DSC_0449.jpg DSC_0450.jpg
DSC_0451.jpg DSC_0453.jpg
DSC_0459.jpg 270_DSC_0460.jpg
270_DSC_0461.jpg DSC_0462.jpg
270_DSC_0464.jpg 270_DSC_0466.jpg
DSC_0468.jpg 270_DSC_0469.jpg
DSC_0470.jpg DSC_0471.jpg
DSC_0474.jpg DSC_0475.jpg
DSC_0476.jpg DSC_0477.jpg
270_DSC_0480.jpg DSC_0481.jpg
DSC_0482.jpg DSC_0484.jpg
270_DSC_0486.jpg 270_DSC_0488.jpg
270_DSC_0489.jpg 270_DSC_0490.jpg
DSC_0491.jpg DSC_0493.jpg
DSC_0494.jpg DSC_0495.jpg
DSC_0497.jpg 270_DSC_0500.jpg
270_DSC_0505.jpg DSC_0506.jpg
DSC_0509.jpg 270_DSC_0510.jpg
DSC_0513.jpg 270_DSC_0514.jpg

We arrived at Ta Prohm - The Jungle Temple, and I was suitably pleased with the surroundings;
giant trees rooting themselves into the crumbling ruins, piles of abandoned rubble and delapidated doorways.
It was quite a stunning sight to behold.

270_DSC_0520.jpg 270_DSC_0522.jpg
DSC_0523.jpg DSC_0525.jpg
DSC_0527.jpg DSC_0528.jpg
270_DSC_0529.jpg DSC_0530.jpg
DSC_0531.jpg 270_DSC_0532.jpg
270_DSC_0533.jpg DSC_0534.jpg
DSC_0536.jpg DSC_0537.jpg
DSC_0538.jpg DSC_0539.jpg
DSC_0540.jpg 270_DSC_0541.jpg
270_DSC_0543.jpg DSC_0545.jpg
270_DSC_0546.jpg 270_DSC_0547.jpg
DSC_0548.jpg 270_DSC_0549.jpg
DSC_0550.jpg DSC_0551.jpg
DSC_0553.jpg DSC_0555.jpg
DSC_0556.jpg DSC_0557.jpg
DSC_0558.jpg DSC_0563.jpg
DSC_0564.jpg DSC_0565.jpg
270_DSC_0566.jpg 270_DSC_0567.jpg
DSC_0568.jpg 270_DSC_0569.jpg
DSC_0570.jpg 270_DSC_0571.jpg
DSC_0572.jpg DSC_0573.jpg
270_DSC_0575.jpg 270_DSC_0578.jpg
270_DSC_0580.jpg 270_DSC_0581.jpg
270_DSC_0583.jpg 270_DSC_0585.jpg
270_DSC_0590.jpg 270_DSC_0591.jpg
DSC_0593.jpg 270_DSC_0594.jpg
270_DSC_0595.jpg DSC_0596.jpg
270_DSC_0597.jpg 270_DSC_0598.jpg
270_DSC_0599.jpg 270_DSC_0600.jpg
270_DSC_0602.jpg 270_DSC_0603.jpg
270_DSC_0604.jpg 270_DSC_0606.jpg
270_DSC_0607.jpg DSC_0608.jpg
DSC_0610.jpg DSC_0612.jpg
DSC_0613.jpg DSC_0614.jpg 270_DSC_0615.jpg DSC_0616.jpg DSC_0617.jpg DSC_0618.jpg
270_DSC_0619.jpg DSC_0620.jpg
DSC_0621.jpg DSC_0622.jpg
270_DSC_0623.jpg DSC_0625.jpg
270_DSC_0626.jpg 270_DSC_0627.jpg
DSC_0628.jpg DSC_0629.jpg

We had a break for lunch, having not been hungry enough for breakfast, and after feeding our driver, we made our long journey to the river boats to go to the Floating Village and Flooded Forest...

The cost for the boat trip alone was $25 each and in all honesty, wasn't worth it - especially considering all the tipping we had to do...
Now I know tipping is not compulsory, but when a very poor person is standing in front of you having just done you a service, you can't really refuse.
We went around the village before docking at a floating platform and changing into a much smaller, hand-paddled boat - our captain and first mate of this smaller vessel being a girl and boy both under the age of 12!

DSC_0632.jpg DSC_0633.jpg
DSC_0634.jpg DSC_0635.jpg
DSC_0636.jpg DSC_0637.jpg
DSC_0638.jpg DSC_0639.jpg
DSC_0640.jpg DSC_0641.jpg
DSC_0642.jpg DSC_0643.jpg
DSC_0644.jpg DSC_0645.jpg
DSC_0646.jpg DSC_0647.jpg
DSC_0648.jpg DSC_0649.jpg
DSC_0650.jpg DSC_0651.jpg
DSC_0652.jpg DSC_0653.jpg
DSC_0654.jpg DSC_0655.jpg
DSC_0656.jpg DSC_0657.jpg
DSC_0658.jpg DSC_0659.jpg
DSC_0660.jpg DSC_0661.jpg
DSC_0662.jpg DSC_0663.jpg
DSC_0664.jpg DSC_0665.jpg
DSC_0666.jpg DSC_0667.jpg
DSC_0668.jpg DSC_0669.jpg
270_DSC_0670.jpg 270_DSC_0671.jpg
IMG_20140203_2.png IMG_20140203_3.png
IMG_20140203_4.png DSC_0672.jpg
DSC_0673.jpg DSC_0674.jpg
IMG_20140203_5.png DSC_0675.jpg

They dutifully paddled us into the floaded forest and around on a boat no bigger than a tic-tac but I think that was one of the most enjoyable parts.
After tipping the children and exploring the very well constructed jungle canopy walk way, we got into our original boat and continued up the river to a huge lake that looked more like an ocean.
Before long, 2 women on separate long boats pulled up alongside us with cold drinks and snacks.
We enjoyed the novelty so bought some drinks for us and our captain and 3 large multipack bags of snacks for the village children.

DSC_0676.jpg DSC_0677.jpg

As we sailed back through the village, the children obviously knew what was happening and they started crowding the banks.
We tried to throw individual packets to them but it didn't really work.
In no time there were dozens of kids all around us when one boy ran off the edge and jumped into the water.
Soon half a dozen children were wildly swimming towards us as we showered them with snacks before continuing back to the "dock".

DSC_0678.jpg DSC_0679.jpg
DSC_0680.jpg DSC_0681.jpg
DSC_0682.jpg DSC_0683.jpg
270_DSC_0684.jpg DSC_0685.jpg
DSC_0686.jpg DSC_0687.jpg

We were once again asked to tip our captain, furthering our concern as to what exactly our $25 each paid for!?

On the journey back to the hostel, I couldn't help but think about how happy and content those villagers were with their lives, even though they barely had anything by Western standards.
They seemed to appreciate every little thing like it was the best in the world. It was refreshing to see.

It took an hour or so to get back to our hostel, where I showered and climbed into bed! It was only 6pm!

The next day, I was a little perplexed how nearly $500 of mine and Ricky's money had mysteriously escape from our private, locked room...
We spoke to the manager who said they'd had the same cleaner forever etc, etc and that we should have put our stuff in their tiny safe sticking out of a wall in reception...
However, my money was in a ziplock bag, in an inside, zipped-up pocket in my rucksack which was under a desk..... so someone had to have gone snooping around through my bags to find it..... peeved doesn't even cover it.
(So much for "good luck" incense....!)

We walked around for a bit, had some food, then decided to go to the Crocodile Farm...

As far as I could tell, it was a farm to produce leather, and the living conditions of the smaller crocs especially wasn't great - a lot of them had deformed spines due to the cramped conditions which was quite depressing.

20140204_135344.jpg 20140204_135358.jpg
20140204_135423.jpg 20140204_135449.jpg

The depression continued however when we asked to buy fish to feed the larger crocodiles with, only to be told there were none - only live ducks and chickens....
Now I know what you're thinking, how cruel is it to feed a live duck or chicken to a group of hungry crocodiles?
Crocodiles need to eat too, and if they didn't eat them, a human being would have eaten them anyway.
I was still mercifully apologising to the duck the entire time I was holding it though.

mmexport1391514134123.jpg mmexport1391514303558.jpg

We had to wait around for our night bus to Vietnam so we went for an hour massage and drag show (for only $4) then we went to the bus office for 10:30pm and got on the bus around 10:40pm before setting off at 11pm.
We arrived in Phnom Penh around 6am where we waited for 2 hours for the bus to Ho Chi Minh City.
After a ferry crossing, a passport control stop and a different stop to scan our luggage, we entered Vietnam and arrived in HCMC around 3pm...

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Sihanoukville (Cambodia)

Heading to the beach...

sunny 34 °C

I personally didn't mind our location in Sihanoukville, (Don't Tell Mama's Hostel, Otres Beach) but I'm less of a nightbird than Ricky and being at the end of the quiet beach, put us 10 minutes away by tuk-tuk to civilisation (and bars).

DSC_0214.jpg DSC_0215.jpg
DSC_0217.jpg 90_20140129_000751.jpg

Although we initially agree to change hostels closer to the town, we decided that we weren't really staying long enough for it to be an issue so just made do with the distance.

During the first actual day in Sihanoukville (given that we arrived at 6pm the evening before), we went to the beach.
The whole 40 or so steps it took to get there...!

DSC_0219.jpg DSC_0221.jpg
DSC_0222.jpg DSC_0223.jpg
DSC_0224.jpg DSC_0225.jpg
DSC_0226.jpg DSC_0228.jpg

We stayed by the beach for about 5 hours, bearing in mind that we didn't go there until 12pm!
We came back to our hut, had a nap, and then went to Serendipity Beach around 9:30/10pm for beach BBQ.
It was scrummy - BBQ Tuna steak, prawns, squid and pork with a gorgeous salad, rice and garlic bread... not bad for $5

20140128_214846.jpg 20140128_215508.jpg

Now in order to go to Vietnam, we needed to get a visa from Cambodia beforehand.
I had photocopies of our passports so was less afraid of leaving our actual passports with the nice man who got our visas for us for $65 each!
Phew! Pricey!
He told us to come back the next day around 5pm to collect our passports with the newly acquired Vietnamese visas in them.
Whilst sitting there getting all of this information, we saw a boat trip; 3 islands, 8 hours, breakfast and lunch included. $15 each.
Well obviously that had to be done.

I liberally applied sun cream to my face, chest and arms but somewhere in between ordering breakfast and passing the sun cream to Ricky, I forgot to apply any cream to my legs...

The first island we went to was for snorkelling, a hobby which, for anyone who knows me, knows I love very much, but sadly my mask leaked so I couldn't get a clean view but I did go for a swim anyway and there were so many fish swimming around me, I felt like a mermaid!
Ricky, given his previous encounter with the ocean on our trip to Thailand, decided he wasn't quite ready to get out of the boat into open (ish) water, so he stayed on the boat.

DSC_0233.jpg DSC_0234.jpg

We stayed for an hour or so, then went to the next island for lunch.
A beautiful stretch of white sand and tropical water greeted us.
We had an hour before lunch so Ricky and I ventured down the beach where there were no other people at all.
It was like our own slice of paradise.
We had a quick swim, then sat on the beach to dry off.

DSC_0240.jpg DSC_0241.jpg
DSC_0242.jpg DSC_0246.jpg
DSC_0248.jpg DSC_0249.jpg
DSC_0252.jpg DSC_0253.jpg
270_DSC_0254.jpg DSC_0283.jpg
DSC_0284.jpg DSC_0287.jpg
DSC_0258.jpg DSC_0261.jpg
DSC_0262.jpg DSC_0267.jpg
DSC_0268.jpg 270_DSC_0269.jpg
DSC_0270.jpg DSC_0271.jpg
DSC_0272.jpg DSC_0276.jpg
DSC_0277.jpg DSC_0278.jpg

We made our way back to the others for lunch; salad, a baguette and the most beautifully succulent barracuda steak.
I'd never had barracuda before, but after that, I'd highly recommend it!


We got to stay for another 2 hours, so we found some hammocks and chilled out in the shade until our lunch had gone down.

DSC_0307.jpg DSC_0306.jpg
DSC_0338.jpg DSC_0337.jpg
DSC_0316.jpg DSC_0315.jpg
270_DSC_0311.jpg DSC_0310.jpg

It wasn't until we moved along the beach in the other direction and sat down for a while that I realised how hot my legs were getting so I went for another dip in the sea to cool down.

DSC_0323.jpg 270_DSC_0328.jpg

Of course, what I didn't acknowledge was that the damage was already done and by the time we'd gone to the last island for more swimming/snorkelling, my legs were the colour of the setting sun! :(

We got back to our beach and had some Lok Lak Beef (traditional Khmer food) and got accosted by a 12-year old girl (who I agreed to make some bracelets for me, she was quite the little business woman with excellent English), so we had a chat for a while and she gave me a free bracelet for Chinese New Year ^_^

90_20140130_114107.jpg 20140130_114045.jpg

We went to collect our passports with their new Vietnamese visas in and made our way back to our hut for a much needed cold shower.
Sleeping that night was uncomfortable to say the least.
I felt like I was on fire and my head was spinning - you'd think after nearly 26 years on this earth, I would remember how little the sun and I get on...!
(And mother, if you're reading this, no "I told you so", please!)

Well our plan for our last day was to go to the iBall Adventure Park that we'd read about, only to discover that it no longer exsists :(

So instead, we went to the Casino Fortuna where I spent about $7 in total and I won $35 off a $1 bet! Not bad for someone who's never played Roulette before, and by betting on my birth day! :D

After chilling by the beach until 6pm (in the shade, obviously!) we grabbed a quick dinner and went to collect our bags to get on the night bus to Siem Reap...

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Cambodia continued.....

The Royal Palace and Central Market

sunny 30 °C

After lunch, we continued our day by going to the Royal Palace.

Gorgeous, elaborate buildings dotted the spotless grounds with large trees and topiaries providing natural beauty to compliment the elegant man-made structures.

DSC_0115.jpg 270_DSC_0116.jpg
270_DSC_0117.jpg DSC_0118.jpg
DSC_0120.jpg DSC_0122.jpg
DSC_0124.jpg DSC_0126.jpg
DSC_0127.jpg DSC_0128.jpg
270_DSC_0132.jpg 270_DSC_0133.jpg

A "few" lighthearted snaps and an unexpected introduction to a group of monkies climbing around a scaffolding site of reconstruction brightened our otherwise reflective day until we returned once again to our hostel, this time for a late afternoon siesta...

DSC_0134.jpg DSC_0135.jpg
DSC_0136.jpg DSC_0137.jpg
DSC_0154.jpg DSC_0156.jpg
DSC_0178.jpg 270_DSC_0179.jpg
DSC_0180.jpg DSC_0185.jpg
DSC_0187.jpg 270_DSC_0188.jpg
270_DSC_0189.jpg 270_DSC_0191.jpg
270_DSC_0192.jpg 270_DSC_0194.jpg
DSC_0200.jpg DSC_0201.jpg
DSC_0203.jpg DSC_0205.jpg
DSC_0206.jpg 270_DSC_0207.jpg
270_DSC_0210.jpg DSC_0212.jpg
DSC_0213.jpg DSC_0157.jpg
DSC_0158.jpg 270_DSC_0161.jpg
DSC_0162.jpg DSC_0163.jpg
DSC_0166.jpg DSC_0168.jpg

When we woke up around 6/6:30pm, the air was cooler and the night life began to start.
We went to Happy Herb Pizza for dinner; just your regular margherita pizza with cheese, onions and marijuana...!


That's right folks, "happy" preceeding any kind of food in Cambodia means that the oregano you thought you were enjoying was in fact weed.

And what better way to follow a weed pizza, than with a gay-friendly bar for a drag show?!

Of course, not a normal correlation of events, but after a few Baileys, it seemed to be the perfect combination...
Evidently, beautiful boys do not always make beautiful girls...


My night ended after that, but as usual, my darling Ricky made a friend and ventured out into Phnom Penh after dark to dance and drink the night away...!


Central Market

I woke up around 11:30am and had banana pancakes for breakfast, did some writing and then woke Ricky up around 1pm.

We began walking to the Central Market, only to get far too hot and confused trying to read the map, so we jumped in a tuk-tuk and had the nice man take us there instead :)

20140126_160809.jpg 90_20140126_145821.jpg
20140126_141105.jpg 90_20140126_140151.jpg

I can see why they'd call it Central Market...
Everything you could possibly desire was for sale; beautiful silks and linens, watches, jewellery, sunglasses, shoes, bags, well you get the idea...!

After a good few hours we'd seen most of the market.
Ricky bought some Ray Bans that fold down to practically nothing, a pair of Berkenstocks, a watch and a bag.
I bought some earrings, a bag and some replacement flip flops!

I think after having lived in China for over 18 months now and having visited many places in Asia, Ricky and I have got this bartering thing down!
If they don't like your highest offer, the walk-away will seal the deal if they're really ok with the price! Winning!

Now the original plan was to get some food and then go to the Russian Market afterwards, however, we decided to go to Happy Herb Pizza again...
Instead of sharing a large pizza between us, we order one each and the happiness once again eluded us.... or so we thought...

We went back to our hostel for a drink and a quick nap...
I woke up at 11pm.... we got back to the hostel at 4pm.... I think I found my happy!
Ricky apparently found his too as he'd spent the entire time I was asleep watching videos of people falling over and willing his legs to move.... evidently, they did not!

So, it was 11pm, we both decided we were hungry, and it's only a vague recollection now, but I'm pretty sure we drove around for a while in a tuk-tuk until we found an open restaurant.
I think I had a cheeseburger...

We went to sleep and when we woke up, we checked out and waited for the bus to Sihanoukville.

5 hours and a brief pit-stop later, we arrived in the shabby main-town of Sihanoukville, got into a tuk-tuk and made out way to our hostel...

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